It’s also what my mother has instilled in my sisters and me so much, that joy comes from the smallest things,“ she says. “And if you don’t see joy in a perfect avocado or in a great conversation or in running into a friend or getting a job – if you don’t see joy in a perfectly beautiful tree in autumn – then you are missing your chance at happiness. Because if you don’t find it in the small things and you only wait for big moments, then you’ll just not be a happy person.

Jennifer Garner (from a recent People interview she did for her upcoming movie about miracles)

mediocre monday musings

  • I’m reading Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling and I am really enjoying it. 
  • I’ve been enjoying a cat cuddlefest since getting home yesterday and I fucking love it. She missed me. *heart eyes*
  • D & I agree we want the king sized bed asap. It’s so luxurious to be able to spread out as much as we want. Also, fucking on the king sized bed is just more fun.  More room to get crazy. 
  • Leap Day!
  • I’m currently obsessed with all things aromatherapy, but two of my favorite recent discoveries are: Zum Mist (aromatherapy room & body mist) in frankincense-lavender and Lollia Relax (perfume) in honey & lavender. <—–that one smells fucking incredible. 
  • D & I discovered this fun (trendy) new grocery store last night and filled a cart with stuff to buy just because. His okra chips selection didn’t really pan out though.  Yuck.
  • Apparently anonymous messaging has been turned on. I didn’t do it (at least not on purpose) so I don’t know if it is yet another tumblr glitch or what. Either way, I have received two anonymous messages, which I will address here –
    • to the anon who said you suspect I’m a freak in the sheets: Indeed. 
    • to the anon who asked if I gave D road head: Nah. That’s not really our scene. Besides, he gets blown a fuck ton so he has zero complaints in that area. 
  • I’m going to break my own rule and leave it on because I’m bored. However, I (as always) reserve the right to not respond. 
  • There was more I wanted to say, but I’ve forgotten. 
  • Chemo brain…it’s a thing and it doesn’t seem to ever completely go away. 
  • I’ve been tagged to do stuff. I’m going to do it. I promise. 

Highlights –

-The Peabody is gorgeous and we made it downstairs in time to see the duck parade. It was so cute and made us miss the kids.

-Lunch at Blues City Diner. Yum.

-Gibson tour. Dave bought a new bass. Not pictured.

-So much day drinking.

-Shopping at the hotel gift shop.

-indoor pool/hot tub

-I had the most delicious ribs ever at Rum Boogie Cafe. Enjoyed some live music.

-After dinner, we took a 45 minute horse drawn carriage ride around downtown and the river.

-We are exhausted! My gingy is already asleep. Yes, I call him gingy. 💗💗