• D wants me to blog, and so blog I shall.
  • I walked/ran 2.5 miles tonight. I had to dig deep. I did 1.5 the day before. Baby steps.
  • But…I joined Club Fitness tonight so I’m ready to get my pump on.
  • And tomorrow I have my weekly meeting with my trainer, so go me.
  • I’ve been consuming way less alcohol as well. *pats self on back*
  • Currently reading two books: The Vanishing Year & Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Last night I finished Tiny Beautiful Things and absolutely loved it.
  • Reading is my jam.
  • So is Obama 2020. I adore Michelle Obama.
  • My ex texted me today and asked me to call and help him pick out health insurance, which I did because what was I going to say, but I’m giving him all the side eye right now. Like why can’t he do anything on his own?
  • Tonight I tucked Freya into bed and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. *heart melted*

my mental health day

I woke up this morning around 5:30 am and immediately checked my phone to confirm what I already knew deep down. I saw a CNN headline that said “President Trump” and I figured I was in for a really crappy day. D was awake too, and we decided that we wanted to skip work and spend the day together. So that’s what we did.

The rundown –

  • Laid around, fooled around, and finally crawled out of bed to go pick up breakfast, which we brought home and ate while watching CNN. We watched Hillary’s concession speech. I cried. Then we took a bubble bath together.
  • At one point this morning D was like, “Do you want to get married today?” and I was like, “No, we should follow the original plan, but can we get a kitten?” The answer was no. Marriage…yes. More cats…absolutely not. Hahahaha. I realize I have given no context for this conversation, but I promise it wasn’t as random as it seems.
  • We went to lunch where we did a bit of day drinking. I ate my feelings in the form of buffalo wings and cheese fries. Mmm.
  • We were on a mission this afternoon to find a mirror for our bedroom. We started at Ashley, but that was a bust. We happened upon a Kirkland’s and found exactly what we were looking for and for an absolute steal. Btw, that place looked like Christmas had thrown up in it, which was actually awesome. D told me I have to control myself until Thanksgiving, but that I can go apeshit after. *squee*
  • We made what ended up being one of three Target trips. I can’t even remember why we went to Target this first time, but I know I ended up leaving with a new Swiffer Sweeper and I was quite pleased. (This is who I’ve become…sigh).
  • Went home to hang the mirror and saw a dude pull up in a Charter Cable van and I totally flipped out. I ran out there to chat him up and he told me he was installing services for the neighbor and I was like OMFG WTF I can has internet now?!! So I immediately call Charter and the rep who answered was like, “Yeah no we don’t offer service in your area.” I ran outside with my phone and was like, “Um…I’m standing next to the tech who is installing services at the house that is literally next door so that is unacceptable.” After much bitching I got it resolved and…WE WILL HAVE INTERNET ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON OMFG YES YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSS.
  • Okay I think I have that out of my system for now.
  • D was like, “If Trump hadn’t won, we wouldn’t have stayed home today, and we still wouldn’t know that we could have internet.” But to be honest, if Hills had won I may very well have stayed home because I would have gotten drunk as a motherfucker celebrating last night.
  • Anyway…so then D hung the mirror which looks amaze and then he’s like what if we go shopping for more shit and I was like yes please and so we did. We ended up at another Kirkland’s (in Chesterfield) and bought sconces that look so good. Pics later. I’m so pleased with how our bedroom is coming together. It’s one of my fave rooms  in the house. Next weekend we are getting new bedding!!!!
  • We picked up the kids and came home. What I expected to be a really shitty day was actually a fantastic one and I’m so very grateful.
  • Now? Hang with the kiddos until their bedtime. Then Breaking Bad & reading.

Today’s topics –

  • I’ve had a few difficult professional conversations today, but they all ended up going quite well.
  • D gave me his cold.
  • I have a tension headache. The pain in radiating down my neck and into my shoulder.
  • Being in a book club is hard when you’ve read like all the books. Every single month for the last four have been repeats.
  • There was so much making out this past weekend that my mouth is sore and the skin around it is irritated.
  • I wish people would stop pretending like cauliflower is an acceptable substitute for rice and/or potatoes.
  • D’s ex sent him an email today that made me smile. It seems his parents are on her shit-list too, and rightfully so. Fucking assholes.
  • I’m addicted to washi tape, and stickers. I put them on everything.
  • This completely worthless post must come to an end so I can go meet with another client.

riding the struggle bus today

  • I’m pretty sure I didn’t get more than maybe 90 minutes of sleep last night. To say I’m on the struggle bus would be an understatement.
  • I just met with a new client and when I walked in he was like, “Are you the attorney?” I said, “Sure am!” He goes, “Damn…I’ve never seen an attorney that looked as good as you.” Hahahaha, yeah baby.
  • Training tonight…dreading it.
  • D is sick. My poor gingy. I’m not sure what that means for our date night plans. I had to force him to stay home from work.
  • Our Dungeons & Dragons starter kit arrived. Yes, you read that correctly. We are planning an epic family D&D campaign.
  • So I realized last night that I haven’t been getting emails at my personal gmail account since like Sunday. I did some digging and realized that I have maxed out my free storage space. So I had to pay to upgrade to 100 GB. I take too many pictures, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Memories, yo.
  • New construction woe: can’t get pizza delivered because your address isn’t in the system yet. *sigh*
  • I’m starting to get really excited about the Halloween party.
  • It has taken me three hours to get to this point in this post because I keep getting pulled away to work. BOO.

here and now

  • It’s cold outside and I forgot a sweater/jacket/coat because I fail at adulting. Le sigh.
  • But…boot weather!
  • My new iPhone case has cute little black cat faces all over it. *love*
  • My bathroom is messy. I have a bunch of cleaning to do this weekend to get ready for the big party.
  • D: this is your reminder to order your costume, please.
  • I thought he ordered his at the same time I ordered mine, but apparently not.
  • I’m digging the new Spotify Daily Mix playlists.
  • I wish you a super fabulous day filled with cozy blankets, naps, cat cuddles, and love, love, love.
  • My plan is to leave work early today so I can get some of that in before date night tonight. We tend to go a little crazy on these Thursday nights before a kid weekend. One last hurrah…kind of.
  • xoxo, my lovelies.

i’m a hard, hard habit to break

  • I removed myself from eight Lularoe Facebook groups today, and I still have a long list to go. I have to get it out of my face though because I have been spending way too much money on clothes recently. I’m seriously a shopaholic.
  • I like to cuddle Violet, sniff her furry little ears, then press my nose against hers and sing, “I love you so much, it hurts me. That’s why, darling, I’m so blue. I want to hold you, my dear, forever and ever. I love you so much…it hurts me so.”
  • You love me for everything you hate me for.
  • I practice writing what will (hopefully) someday be my married name, like some silly lovesick teenager.
  • This time last year my rads tit pic was an international internet sensation. My life is so odd.
  • We finally purchased Halloween costumes. We ended up with couples themed costumes after all, because we just can’t stop being so fucking adorable. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Suck it, haters.
  • The buzz over at the bk court about the party is intense. Everyone is so excited. It’s funny to think that I only started this tradition in 2012 after breaking free from the huge downer I then called my “husband.” He hated fun, and enjoyed nothing more than raining on my party parade with his hipstery b.s. Now I call him “ex-husband.” Who’s laughing now, motherfucker?
  • Sometimes I just have to let the snark out, ya know?
  • Date night shall commence in approximately 30 minutes. We have a big deal, very good, awesomesauce achievement to celebrate tonight. So we are heading to our go-to celebration place, of course: GAMLIN WHISKEY HOUSE. *squee-fest*

a little bit of this/a little bit of that

This week has been busy, busy, busy, and, as a result, I have neglected my blogging. So let’s see…

  • Last weekend was pretty incredible. It was so amazing to watch Dave meet the guys from Blink-182. I’m so thankful that I was able to give him that experience. We had the best time. I’ll…never forget. (Inside joke alert).
  • Day 14 of the blog challenge: Something I miss. MOTHERFUCKING WIFI OMFG. The latest is that Charter should be coming out to put in the lines next week, but I won’t be holding my breath.
  • In related news: I now have the biggest data plan Verizon offers. Like 26 GB or some such shit. It rolls over too, so that’s pretty sweet. And now I have an international plan, which will come in handy in 2017. Plans, yo.
  • Sometimes I feel like Amy Winehouse was supposed to be my soulmate. Her lyrics…sigh.
  • I saw my oncology team today. Things appear to be good, so that’s a big relief. I adore my docs.
  • I feel very fortunate today. I have seriously amazing friends.
  • My trainer kicked my ass last night and I feel everything. So sore. Also, I have stepped up the running and I’m feeling fantastic about it.
  • I have so many to-do lists going currently. It’s like my to-do lists have to-do lists.
  • Last night, D and I were hanging out in the great room and we were like holy shit this house is way too nice for us. I grew up in a shack in Ferguson. How is this even my life right now?
  • Every day it feels a bit more like home, however. The mirror for the entry way was finally delivered today. Getting stuff delivered to new construction is no easy feat. Nobody knows how to get to us.
  • I finished The Handmaid’s Tale last week and it really affected me. I remember reading it as an undergrad, but I don’t remember it making such a powerful impression. It’s a fabulous feminist text and I urge everyone to read it. It’s difficult to properly articulate how I feel, but I just feel…aware. It really spoke to me.
  • I adore this time of year. Our weekends book up fast and we have so many fun plans.
  • I feel good today. Mentally, I mean. I have another ovarian cyst, so I’m a bit fucked up physically.
  • I read a sign today at Siteman Cancer Center that said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
  • xoxo

coffee date

AKA – Things we would discuss on our coffee date – though to be clear, I hate coffee and would be drinking a chai latte instead:

The first part of my day was a bit rough yesterday. I was feeling out of sorts, frustrated, overwhelmed, and homesick. This place, while lovely, is going to take some work (and some time) before it really feels like home. However, more unpacking was accomplished, and most importantly, we started hanging stuff on the walls. That made a huge difference. The hearth room is feeling very cozy and Jenn-rrific.  The more we personalize this place, the better we all feel.

Cable and internet would go a long way to making things feel normal again. Boo, Charter! Boo!!! Yay T-Mobile for your unlimited data plan!!! Hot spots for everyone!

Projects: Part of feeling so overwhelmed is that there is soooo much to do. We have a super long list of projects. And I’m not making it any easier on myself by coming up with “fun” projects, like the family wall of pics. I need to select pics and print them off. Then I need to acquire frames. This is important to me.

One of the best parts of unpacking was re-discovering all of my books. We have a large bookcase in the loft and I have filled it with books. There is also a chair, ottoman, and table up there, so it’s a cozy little reading nook and I love it.

An IKEA catalog came in the mail, and while I don’t typically love IKEA, I went through and circled a bunch of stuff that would work for us. It was fun. Who knew I could be so happy being domestic?

My bestie is coming over this afternoon. She will be our first official visitor. I’m so excited!

One of my new favorite things is sitting at the island and chatting with D while he cooks. I’m currently sitting there typing this while he makes breakfast for us.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and the kids are with their other parents, so D and I are going to the wineries. I’m super pumped. We need some adult time.

mega “on my mind” word vomit

  1. I can’t even begin to adequately express how grateful I am that tomorrow is Saturday. I am going to sleep in and it is going to be glorious. I am so very tired. It doesn’t help that we stayed up way too late last night. Like 2 am late. Worth it.
  2. We do this thing now where we come home after a date night and watch full length DMB concerts on YouTube. I dance around and sing. We drink and make out and laugh and have sex on the couch and it is everything I have always wanted.
  3. I’m happy.
  4. People (aka: clients) were absolutely fucking insane this week and made me question why I even bother doing this anymore. But…then you meet that one person who is so great and you feel so good about helping them that it all feels worth it again. I’m extremely grateful for that person this week.
  5. The only downside to living together that I have discovered so far is that I read less. I really enjoy reading, so this is a bit of a bummer. But…I’m always doing something else that is equally awesome, like hanging with D and/or the kids. So then it doesn’t really seem so bad. I plan to get some serious reading done this weekend though. I need to finish Burial Rites and I want to get started on the pile of books on my nightstand. A few titles: The Woman In Cabin 10, Behind Closed Doors, and Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children.
  6. I picked up Freya from school this afternoon and there was some confusion regarding whether I was on the list to do so. I’ve done it before, and the one girl clearly recognized me, but she was like, “Well I’ll just call Freya’s mom really quick to confirm,” and I was like, “Um…please call her dad instead?” She looked at me all confused for a second and then it clearly dawned on her what the situation is and she was like, “Oh yeah for sure I will call the dad.” I almost laughed at the look of recognition on her face, and the relief at the fact that she didn’t step onto that land mine. Haha. Additionally, I was pleased with how excited Freya was that we were there to get her, and I got to meet one of her friends.
  7. SO…Jackson is into girls. I was not on any level expecting this to be a thing already. I thought I’d be good until like at least 10 or 11. But nope. He’s 6 (though almost 7, to be fair) and he is getting all weird and embarrassed about girls. We teased him tonight during dinner about this girl at Freya’s school who was super interested in him. Freya was like, “Oh i think she likes you, Jackson.” Jackson got really upset and ran off. I was like…What?! So D followed him and they had a conversation where apparently it became clear that he does like girls and he doesn’t want to be teased about it.  Fair enough. I just…can’t believe my little boy is growing up so fast. Like…wtf for real?
  8. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain all weekend because the kids want me to take them to the fancy Chesterfield pool and that sounds fun as shit so I want to be able to go.
  9. Have I mentioned that I’m happy?
  10. 11 days. ELEVEN FUCKING DAYS. 11.
  11. These go to 11. Okay I’m done. xoxo

i know that you’re half crazy but I wish you would go all the way

Is today actually Thursday? I think today is Thursday. My sense of time is all messed up this week from being out of town and then we had Freya on Tuesday night when normally we wouldn’t (which was awesome btw. We had a really great conversation with her when she got home).

Just checked. Yep, it’s Thursday. That means it’s date night! Woo woo woo!!!

We’re going balls to the wall tonight for real. We need a night to just chill and let go.

Things are a bit stressful currently. D is stressed about work stuff and overwhelmed by the details of the move. We have a bunch of packing we need to start this weekend. We will be moving into the new house in less than two weeks. (OMFG). I’m also stressed about work stuff, and I’m stressed that he’s stressed. I’m stressed that Jackson is stressed (he really wants to get into the new house so he can have his own room again). It’s too much. But this too shall pass.

We have figured out our closing costs and also our furniture budget. Let’s do this!

Work: What a fucking nightmare people have been this week!! Yesterday, I got into it with a client and then stomped out. I can’t even with the stupidity anymore. I’m off the last week of August and I cannot wait.

Exercising is going pretty well. Training. Shredding. The runs aren’t as frequent as I’d like. I miss my treadmill. I’ll have it back in like twelve days though.

I have a goal to lose three pounds by the end of the month.

I have been thinking about the situation with D’s parents, and I just want to state that I think they suck. I don’t actually care if they don’t like me personally, but they should absolutely want to meet the person their son has been in a relationship with for four years; a person he is moving in with. A person he will eventually marry.  A person who is a role model to their grandchild. They don’t make sense to me. I cannot imagine a situation in which I would do something like this with Jackson. I may not always support every choice Jackson makes in his life, but I will always love him, and I will always be interested in his life. D has made it clear that he wants them to take an interest and they just refuse. They are hurting the person I love, and that pisses me the fuck off.

Whatever. They can suck it.

It’s 11:20 am on a Thursday and tonight I’m going out with my man and nothing is going to bring me down. Not shitty people. Not stupid clients. Not incompetence. NOTHING.


Hi! I hope you have a lovely day. xoxo