snow be damned

My bestie organized a charity event that benefits a local homeless shelter, which is happening tonight.  It’s a nineties themed event and so my boyfriend’s band is providing the entertainment.  People are encouraged to dress in their favorite 90s style, and so I’m planning to rock a Kinderwhore look that I’m quite excited about. I’m bummed that this stupid snow storm is keeping some people away, but we will have fun regardless. 

If you’re local and aren’t scared of snow, then come out to Blueberry Hill @ 8 pm. The Elvis Room. I’ll buy you a drink. 

This is a very big deal to two of my favorite people and so I’m going no matter what. 

friendship is magic

  • My kid is a brony and I’m totally cool with it because I don’t believe in the bullshit notion that there is boy stuff and girl stuff. There is just stuff, and you can like whatever the fuck you want. *steps off soapbox*
  • Last night the bf and I talked for like six hours straight (when we weren’t banging) and it was amazing. I love that we have so much to say to each other.
  • Also we had pizza, wings, and beer last night. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  • My kid sings while he’s pooping. Yesterday morning I heard him singing Shabbat Shalom at the top of his lungs. I can’t wait to tell his future significant other all about it.
  • I get to spend my evening with Jackson and Freya (while the bf is at band practice) and I’m super excited. I just love them. ❤
  • I’ve been reading a book that is legit creepy, which isn’t something I say often. It has taken me a while to finish it because I don’t want to read it before bed. It’s called The Deep
  • Sometimes people I know in real life will tell me they read this blog, and I am always torn between feeling flattered and wanting to say “lol why?”
  • Gotta go get my lawyer on. Happy Wednesday.

if something has to change then it always does

Isn’t it amazing how music can transport your mind to another time/place? I was listening to The Back Room by Editors on the way to court this morning, and I felt like it was 2005 again.  That album will always be about law school for me (along with So Jealous by Tegan & Sara and Small Sins by Small Sins). When I hear it, I will always remember dancing my ass off, in the front row, at their concert at The Blue Note. (That was unusual for me as I’m a terrible dancer, but I remember it felt so good to let go of all the law school related stress. Also…alcohol.)

I was in law school ten years ago. Fuck I’m old.

everything is awesome

  1. My stomach situation has become a real problem. I have a plan to fix it. I hope it works. Last night I discovered that drinking wine now makes me sick, and that is simply unacceptable. 
  2. Jackson comes home tonight! I can’t wait. Five hours. 
  3. I watched the last half of The Lego Movie with the bf’s daughter this morning (inspired the title of this post). It never gets old. Best kid’s movie ever. I wonder if Jackson will be into watching it tonight. Hmm…
  4. Oscars tonight. Meh. New episode of The Walking Dead tonight. Fuck yes. I’m finally all caught up. 
  5. I’m also all caught up on Better Call Saul, which is brilliant. Lawyering is so much more Better Call Saul than it is Law & Order. Seriously. At least my kind of lawyering. Consumer law & criminal defense ftw!!
  6. Driving home this afternoon, I realized (again) just how fucking awesome my neighborhood is. I can see the city skyline from my kitchen window. I live across the street from a park and a small old church. I see the people going to church every Sunday and it makes me happy for some reason, even though church is so not my thing.  I live next to the FPSE community garden. I’m only a few blocks from the Grove and all the awesomeness there (bars, shopping, restaurants). On the way, I pass a crazy looking abandoned gas station. I’m less than half a mile from Forest Park. I don’t know why I’m babbling on about this, except to say that it’s home.  It’s just so interesting and fun. I love it here. I want it to warm up so I can venture out and take some pics. My old place was just down the street, but it was a gated community, far off the street, and I wasn’t really exposed to the city in the same way I am now.
  7. Spring break trip with the bf and the kiddos to Wisconsin Dells has been booked. *squee* I’m so excited. We had so much fun last year, and I think this year will be even better since we are all super comfortable with each other now. ❤ ❤ ❤