I love reading your updates – even the short ones. I’ve been following you for a while and WOW Jackson is getting so big! also, I hope I can be a badass mom like you one day

Thank you so much for sending this. I actually really needed to read something like this today. Parenting is hard, and this weekend has been a little rough. So thank you for your kind words. I love your blog as well, and I’m sure you will be a badass mom someday!! ❤


working for the weekend

My Timehop for today is a Facebook status from three years ago which reads: The best part of today is that it can’t be worse than yesterday. Unfortunately, that didn’t end up being true. Fucking 2012. Ugh. I’ll be glad when 2012 “falls off” Timehop.

I did a happy dance earlier because my mini fridge was delivered. I will now have cold Diet Pepsi and beer in my office. What else do you really need in life?  The beer will be particularly useful, because my clients drive me to drink more than I care to admit.

It looks like it’s about to start pouring. I’m glad I enjoyed some outdoor time earlier. I sat on the front porch of the office and chatted with Kovar for a while. It was lovely.

My ex just dropped off our kid at my office, so the question now is: do I keep working or do I go home and get the weekend started?

The answer is obvious, I think.