make it count

I wrapped everything up at the office today, and I am now officially on vacation until September 10th. I’m quite excited. I really need a break from the firm. 

I’m way more excited, however, about seeing Jackson tonight. I haven’t seen him since Thursday morning and I miss him so very much. This is our only night together until I get back from Punta Cana, so I have to make it count. 

today’s agenda

  1. No drinking. Not for me anyway. I need a break. I’m too old for this shit. No more drinks until Punta Cana. (Wednesday…OMFG I’m so excited)
  2. The Sopranos. We are addicted. We stayed in last night and watched like six episodes. With Chinese food. Mmm.
  3. Lunch at Sugarfire. Mmm bbq. *hearts*
  4. Shopping.
  5. More Sopranos.
  6. Sneezing. I seriously cannot stop sneezing today. Ugh. 
  7. Wherever else the day may take us. 

Tonight we went on a Moonlight Paddleboat Picnic in Forest Park and it was awesome. We had the best time. Things I want to remember:

*we drank much wine.

*the food was surprisingly good.

*another boat passed and two hot chicks told me they loved my dress, my overall style, and I’m very pretty. Aww!!!!

*we fed the super cute ducks.

*one even bit my hand because it was like wtf feed me, bitch.