it’s always something *sigh*

I have a kidney infection.

So that has been a blast. We’ve been treating it with the wrong meds all weekend, too.

Picking up new meds in a bit. I hope they work, and quickly.

Apparently, the antibiotics can also cure any gonorrhea and/or anthrax infections, so that’s sweet. You know…just in case.

there’s a fire starting in my heart

Tonight with the kids –

  • drawing/coloring contest
  • played school
  • made pizza and brownies
  • listened to DMB
  • planned Christmas in the new house
  • created a logo and t-shirt for our family band
  • debated names for the future family pet
  • cuddled and watched The Hunger Games

They are camped out on the couch now. I am exhausted, but I had an excellent night. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay awake until D gets home from game night with the guys.