I ended up deleting the other post, but here are a few pics from the Halloween party I had on Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun.

I was Courtney Love. I don’t have a picture I can post here of the full outfit, but it consisted of ripped fishnets and combat boots. Wearing the wig was…interesting. I am not a cute blonde.

Kristie was a Saints cheerleader.

I told Scott we should post this pic on the law firm’s Facebook page.  I was only partially kidding.

Scott was a pimp.  When he walked up to the door, I laughed harder than I have in quite some time.  He looked awesome. His gf, Valerie, came as his whore.  Her outfit left very little to the imagination.

Tim and Robert didn’t dress up, because they are just too cool. 🙂

Rosa couldn’t come, which was the only thing about the night that sucked. She did make some super delicious cupcakes for the party, however.  She rocks.

I’m feeling strangely calm considering the day I’ve had.  I think this is shock…maybe. I don’t know.

I am in more pain than I expected. I took some drugs, but they aren’t helping much.  I’m going to suck it up and go out with Jax tonight anyway, because I need to see his cute face more than ever right now.

Thank you, Rosa, for being so amazing.  You are my best friend, and I will love you forever.

The results should be in tomorrow, so I will know for sure then, but given what I was told today I’m not too hopeful.

Still…I can beat this. The survival rate is good. I need to be here for my child, and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

2012 can fucking suck it

I’m not trying to be a bitch, but I can’t even with this shit today.  I cannot deal.  I feel horrible. I didn’t sleep at all because of a cranky toddler.  I have made myself sick from stressing.  I’m dreading tomorrow so much and now I have to sit here and worry about other people’s feelings, and I don’t fucking want to.  In fact, I refuse to.  Fuck it. I have to be stuck with a needle multiple times in the morning to find out if I have cancer so I really don’t even give a shit right now.

So now I’m losing my shit on the internet, because I can’t do it in real life, since I have a three year old sitting on the couch. Fuck this fucking day so fucking hard.

It’s 1:15 am and it doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much sleeping tonight.

I just want it to be 11:30 so I can get this over with.  The waiting sucks.  Regardless of the answer, I just want to know.

Halloween Party!

Tonight we went to a Halloween party at the Parkway Early Childhood Center.  Jackson had the best time, and we got so many cute pics.

Here he is in his Mike Wazowski costume.  Cutest ever!

Then he went “fishing”:

And made a yummy cookie:

Drove some cars:

I love him.  Having a kid makes Halloween a million times better.