friday five

  1. I saw my rheumatologist the other day, and he wants me to start on the injectable Methotrexate to see if that works better than the pills.  If not, then I’ll go back on Enbrel at my follow up appointment in six weeks. 
  2. My lymphedema has been acting up, so I ordered a replacement compression sleeve today.  It’s super cute.  It has stars on it.  Here.
  3. I’m taking my bestie to go see Tegan & Sara (for her birthday) on 5/6 in Columbia. I’m so excited to see them again.  Plus, I love the venue.  I went to a ton of shows at The Blue Note when I was in college. 
  4. I’m seeing the other bestie tonight to go swim suit and lingerie shopping. I can’t believe she’s finally getting married in a few weeks.  I’m looking forward to a girls night with her. I haven’t seen her in a while.
  5. I’m almost finished with my 13th book of the year.  I’m currently reading The Waiting by Joe Hart.   

At the courthouse

I’m sitting in the waiting room until my client gets here. Here’s what’s happening :

Creepy lawyer, who has been hitting on me unsuccessfully for seven years, just told me I look like Anne Hathaway. He said it while staring at my boobs. He then made a point of telling me that Anne Hathaway is really hot, while winking. Ugh.

Racist lawyer is going on a rant about the downfall of Saint Louis. He won’t come out and say it’s because of the African American population, but he might as well. What a fucking asshole.

Tea Party lawyer is ranting about how bankruptcy is wrong. Yet he’s a bankruptcy lawyer. Figure that one out. I guess it makes sense, since anyone in the tea party has to be a fucking moron.

Lawyers are douche bags.

The highlights

Vacation day 2:

There were many kick ass water slides. Jackson really impressed me with his willingness to go on the one called The Black Hole. Three times! My kid is a bad ass. (He gets it from me. Just in case there was any confusion.)

My skin is so dried out from chlorine that it feels like it might peel off.

I finally got the water out of my ears. (Thanks to isopropyl alcohol and Walmart.)

Listening to conversation between a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old is highly entertaining. And also adorable.

Watching House Of Cards with the bf, next to the fire, is the perfect way to end these super exhausting days. Oh and the wine doesn’t hurt.

I’ve barely touched my phone for two days, because the people I care most about are right here with me. It’s a great feeling.

Day 1 of vacation was a success, except that I’m exhausted, and I have water in my right ear.

We are in Wisconsin Dells, at an indoor waterpark resort. Dave and his daughter are here too. The kids are having a lot of fun.

things i love right now

  • Starburst jelly beans.
  • Pics of people’s cats. I want to snuggle them.
  • That I’m having dinner at Gringo tonight with Itsjustcarrie. Mexican food + catching up with an old friend = win.
  • The fact that it’s currently 47 degrees outside.
  • My super fabulous fluffy robe. (v-day gift from the boyfriend)
  • My February Ipsy glam bag. Ipsy > Birchbox.
  • Hearing my son playing in the living room.
  • Last night’s episode of Girls.
  • Having finally found the Best Case Bankruptcy cd, I can finally start working from home again on my new laptop.
  • Headbands. They look so cute with short hair.

This weekend was full of win.

Valentine’s evening was perfect. We had these big plans for the night, and then realized that we would rather keep it casual. We each thought the other wanted a fancy night out, when really we just wanted to hit one of our favorite hangouts. It was perfect, and I’m so happy with where we are in our relationship right now.

Saturday night I went to see The Arctic Monkeys with Robert. They were amazing. After the show, we went to see Quitting Amy’s second set, and I got to spend time with some new friends. They got me to dance when I wasn’t even drunk. We didn’t make it to bed until almost 3 am.

Today we slept in, had lunch, and then had a House of Cards marathon. Holy shit that show is good. Season 2, Episode 1…wow.

As always, I’m bummed that the weekend is over, but I’m quite excited about our waterpark trip. We leave on Thursday! I can’t believe February is almost over. This year is flying by.

Now I think it’s time for Girls, The Walking Dead, and some reading in bed. The rhyming is not on purpose. I’m not that lame, I promise.