and so it goes

I totally forgot that yesterday was the three year anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy until Timehop reminded me. It’s strange to remember now how overwhelming it all felt back then, how I felt forever changed, and like my life would never be the same. And…I guess it’s really not the same, but somehow it is even better. I am better. Back in 2012, I certainly never thought a day would go by where I would forget to worry about it. I remember reading that as time passes, cancer feels less like a book and more like a chapter. That is becoming truer for me with each passing day. 

Life goes on. There is laughter, happiness, life, and love, even after something so tragic. You just have to grab it. 


Minimalism challenge weekend recap:

Clean out your closet: This is ongoing. I have a lot of stuff and it takes time to sort through everything. Today I made progress by doing some reorganizing within the closet and getting rid of about ten pairs of shoes I haven’t worn in quite some time. Dave and I will be sharing a closet next year, which isn’t going to be easy for me, so this is serious business. 

Streamline your reading list: I keep a to-read list on Goodreads. (I love Goodreads!) When I started this morning, I had 180 books on the list. I now have 144. 

Unfollow & Unfriend: I’m actually pretty good about this, because I like to keep my social media manageable. I unfriended five people on Facebook and twenty-five on Tumblr. 

Downsize your beauty collection: This was so very difficult for me. I am a make-up junkie. I am subscribed to Ipsy and Glambox, and so I have a lot of make-up samples. Throw in stuff I buy and stuff I get from member’s rewards via Sephora and Ulta and just AHHHHH SO MUCH STUFF. Most of it I don’t have a use for, but I keep it anyway. So today I went through it and got rid of a big basket full of beauty products. It was so, so hard, and maybe I teared up a little. Maybe. (first world problems). 

Identify your 3 to 6 main priorities:

  1. relationships
  2. law firm/career
  3. health
  4. happiness
  5. acceptance
  6. financial stability/wealth


I took two Fioricet (new prescription) for my headache. This is my first time doing so. I’ve been getting lots of tension headaches lately so my doc hooked me up with a new med. It contains a barbiturate, and holy shit I’m loopy. I feel very chill and my headache is gone. Jenn approves. 

I have the best doc. She’s my business partner’s ex-wife and she is the shit. 

saturday to-do list:

  • reading (The Ritual by Adam Nevill #51)
  • eating (there is leftover pumpkin pie!)
  • viewing (I’m thinking of finally starting The Leftovers
  • avoiding (leaving the house/holiday crowds)
  • texting (with the bf since he just left to go home)
  • assembling (the christmas tree with my kiddo)
  • drinking (my last Diet Pepsi, which may fuck up bullet #4)
  • running (because bullet #2)
  • enjoying (much needed time off)

rainy day list post

  1. Thanksgiving was awesome, like one of the best ever. Bring on Christmas! I want to put up the tree this weekend, but I think we are going to wait until tomorrow. We just got home and are both exhausted. 
  2. This morning, the bf and I took the kids to walk through the house we are seriously considering buying. They absolutely loved it and were super excited. It was really cute. They’ve already picked out their bedrooms and paint colors. ❤
  3. I’m sad about finishing The Sopranos. I feel like I lost a friend or something. We watched Casino yesterday to get our mob fix. Now I kind of want to watch The Godfather or Goodfellas
  4. I’m slowly starting to feel human again. I think I may be over the worst of the Lexapro side effects. Unfortunately, day drinking yesterday did not help my headache and nausea situation. Ugh. But damn that was good wine. 
  5. It’s a super rainy, dreary day here in STL. I think I’m going to lounge about and be lazy until it’s time for James & Dave to come over. This is perfect nap weather.