great idea, bad execution

We went to the brand new cat cafe tonight and it was a major disappointment: stale, unappetizing food, incompetent (and sort of rude) staff, not enough cats, not enough space. I was really looking forward to this being awesome, but not so much. They just opened this weekend, so maybe things will get better with time. Freya is going back next weekend with her mom, so I’m looking forward to hearing if it gets better.

Just another reason to go to Tokyo. I hear their cat cafes are epic.

last night 

was super fun! I love theme parties, and I love how most people committed and looked totally 80s. We got to hang with our best couple friends, meet lots of new cool people, and catch up with old friends/acquaintances we haven’t seen in several years. Oh and there was much dancing. I have become the chick who loves to dance. ❤️

We ended up getting Taco Bell on the way home, getting high, and chatting it up while we watched DMB Live at Central Park. We stayed up so late, and I can’t even remember how we got to bed. But we had a blast and I just really, really love my life. 

Everything is better with him. Everything.