finding the happy

I’m feeling very blah today mentally. I’m not really sure why. It started yesterday. Hopefully it will get better soon.

In an attempt to cheer the fuck up, here is a list of happy things:

  1. I’m off today.
  2. It’s a three day work week for me.
  3. I ordered a new pair of glasses that are super cute. 
  4. I did a little shopping this morning, and finally picked up a Fitbit (Charge HR). I’m hoping that will provide some much needed motivation. Also, it’s purple. ❤
  5. Strawberry scented Olay body wash. 
  6. Bought a new version of my favorite candle.
  7. Cat cuddles.
  8. Lunch date with the bf.
  9. Nice weather.
  10. Getting to spend every night this week with my boyfriend.
  11. Mario Party date tonight with Jackson.
  12. I’m very much excited about the 4th. We have the kids this year, and it is going to be so much fun. 

saturday stuff

  1. Not waking up until 10:30 am. A+
  2. Danielle texted that she wants to come over to chill and binge watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Um…yes, please. 
  3. Tonight’s plans include: finishing up OITNB and (hopefully) watching HIgh Fidelity. I just adore that movie. 
  4. Debating whether I’ll buy the $300 worth of stuff in my Modcloth cart today. (Yeah, probably.)
  5. The weather here is lovely, so I’m thinking the boy and I should walk or bike ride.
  6. Trying to diet, but I’m pretty sure the wine is going to win out. Especially since Danielle is coming over. 

technologically challenged

I’ve totally become that lawyer I never thought I would be, and used to make fun of. You know…the old lawyer who doesn’t know how to use his/her fucking computer? Apparently, that’s me now.

Me: *screams profanities at computer*

Me: *yells to paralegal* Come make this shit work because I fucking can’t even with this bullshit. 

I’m the lawyer who can’t manage to print from her own fucking computer.


finally friday

  1. SCOTUS is getting shit right this week.  Yay.
  2. I have felt sick since getting home from Hawaii. Like really bad. It sucks.
  3. But…it’s finally fucking Friday. I have an entire weekend without plans, and it is glorious.
  4. Impromptu afternoon dates have become a thing again, and I’m really, really glad.  It reminds me of the beginning of our relationship.
  5. I didn’t know until yesterday that there were porn reality shows. That shit is kind of awesome.