Tonight as I was heating up my dinner (leftover deep dish pizza from Pi), I started thinking about all the ways my boyfriend and I have influenced changes in each other over the past three years. This may seem strange, but I never used to eat deep dish pizza (I’m a STL girl at heart: thin crust and provel ftw!). In fact, I used to profess a deep and utter hatred of it. However, I was quite looking forward to those leftovers tonight, and so my brain started making a list.

Ways in which I am different now (thanks to my bf):

  1. Hoppy beer. When we met back in 2011, I would have proudly told you (and did tell him) that my favorite beer was Michelob Ultra. Now it tastes like water to me. My current favorite? Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, but I can do hoppier (more hoppy?) when I’m feeling it. 
  2. I save money. I was never big into saving money when I was married, though to be honest I never had any b/c my ex was always spending it. My boyfriend has taught me the benefit(s) of being thrifty, and he also encouraged me to start a 401k. I’m enjoying watching that money grow.
  3. Android phones. He turned me onto the awesomeness that is the android phone, and made me aware of the weird (and sometimes inexplicable) Apple brand loyalty. I’m in love with my Samsung Galaxy and I don’t see myself going back to iPhone unless they make some changes. (I took A LOT of crap from my friends over this. A lot.)
  4. I’m happy. I’m just generally a happier person around him, and my self-esteem is in a much better place. He supports my career. He compliments my body. He allows me to be me. 
  5. HE MADE ME LIKE STAR TREK. This is, perhaps, the most important and amazing point of all. 

I’m sure there are many more, but this is what occurred to me while I was heating up that pizza.

A few ways in which I have changed him:

  1. He likes Dave Matthews Band. This is pretty amazing considering the irrational hatred his ex has for that band.
  2. He cuddles now, and he likes it.
  3. He spends money. He was pretty cheap when we met, to be honest.
  4. He enjoys spending time in the city. (Though I don’t let him drive around here very often b/c then Red Dave comes out).
  5. He expresses his emotions/feelings. This took quite a bit of work. Engineers… *sigh*
  6. He loves Game of Thrones. 

This was fun. ❤

This song came on the radio yesterday and I freaked out b/c I haven’t heard it in forever. I forgot how much I used to love it. I sang along with it (quite loudly) on the way home from my walk with Danielle.  In 1996, when this album was released, I was in high school. I feel old. That is all.

where is my mind?

  1. Apparently, five glasses of wine plus two lorazepam equals eleven hours of uninterrupted sleep. I woke up at 11 am. That never happens.
  2. My joints are bothering me today, so this has been a bed/couch day for me. I’m bummed b/c I had to cancel plans over it, but this hasn’t happened in quite some time, and for that I am very grateful.
  3. I watched Oculus today (via Netflix). It was a decent horror movie. Worth watching, in my opinion.
  4. Current status: more Planet Earth. I’ll likely finish it today. Birds of Paradise are funny.
  5. I’m normally pretty anxious on Sundays, but I’m actually feeling optimistic about the upcoming week, and I recognize that so much of my own happiness really comes down to my attitude about life.
  6. I’m ready to have my kid back tomorrow. I miss him. Last week, he asked me if he could change his schedule to five days with me and then five days with his dad. I told him not now, but we could revisit the issue when he’s in high school. Not having him all the time is by far the worst part of divorce (for me). 
  7. New Game of Thrones tonight. Squee. 

Last night was fun. More so than I was expecting.  The event was very nice. We were some of the youngest people there, which actually just made it more interesting.  For example, some way older man told me that I’m “a joy to behold.” And that was hilarious to me, especially since I was already three glasses of wine into the night at that point. It’s also fun to watch old people dance. We even danced with them for a while. 

The most fun was the auction stuff. I got pretty competitive, as is my way, and ended up with the two things I really wanted: the book club basket and the boudoir photo session. (My boyfriend was pleased when I texted him about the photo session.) 

It was good catching up with Naarah. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months. She’s awesome so I really need to make more time for her in my life. 

We have already made plans to go again next year.