girl power

I posted about this on Facebook last night, but I wanted to mention it here as well:

How amazing is it to have a female presidential nominee? I was all verklempt last night while watching her speech.

Regardless of how you feel about Hillary herself, it is inspiring to see a woman in such a powerful and important position.


something of an end

Current Jenn is thankful that drunk Jenn from last night had the foresight to stop and purchase a delicious chocolate chip brownie from Insomnia Cookies on the walk home. It is a delightful “last night living on my own” celebration dessert.

I’m also thankful that D took the day off to help me finish up my packing. He was a huge help. I’m no longer panicky. I’m feeling quite zen actually.

I thought I would feel sad (and maybe I will tomorrow when the movers show up) but right now I just feel excited. And ready.

Let’s do this.