the times they are a-changin’

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity and I didn’t really get a chance to post. I want to write a catch up post, but there was so much and my thoughts are a bit chaotic right now so this might be a mess.

  • I finished Couch to 5k Week 3!
  • Birthday dinner friday night with the family, followed by cupcakes and Super Smash Bros.
  • D got me a lovely necklace.
  • Freya is in a running club and she needs an adult to run a 5k race with her at the end of the season. She asked me to run with her!!
  • We moved a bunch of our stuff in and essentially started living together this weekend. I think it went really well all things considered. I won’t lie though…it helped that the kids were both gone on Saturday night. It gave us all some breathing room.
  • We went to see our house on Saturday afternoon. OMG so much progress has been made. The flooring is down. The bathroom shower is tiled. They’ve started installing the cabinetry in the kitchen. The mantles are up on the two fireplaces. It’s really looking good and I’m so excited to see more.
  • Saturday night we hit up a couple of our favorite places to drink. Eventually we ended up at our favorite wine bar, which was super busy, but we got VIP treatment from the manager. It was pretty bad ass really. He waited on us himself and made sure we had a place to sit asap. I was super impressed by the customer service. Though, to be fair, we spend a lot of money there, and I’m a member of their wine club.
  • And…then I got so drunk I left my credit card there. Oops. This is becoming a thing with me.
  • After dinner, we went to see the new Star Trek movie. Hated it.
  • Sunday stuff: I went to an outdoor concert with some girlfriends yesterday. Tribe Society, Collective Soul, and Goo Goo Dolls. Holy fuck it was hot as hell. We were all soaked after like an hour outside. It was fun though and I’m glad I went.
  • There was an epic storm last night. The thunder and lightning was intense. Freya woke us up because she was scared so none of us (except Jackson) got very much sleep last night.
  • I woke up feeling pretty homesick this morning. I missed my cat and my favorite blanket. My pillows. My fans. My bed. This is a big adjustment. That’s not to say that I’m not happy, just that it’s a lot of change all at once. I wish we were able to move straight into the house, but oh well. This will be way worth it. I’m going to bring the essentials over with me this week.
  • I went and paid for the storage unit today. My lock is on it. The movers are confirmed for Thursday morning. This is actually happening!!!!
  • My bestie is coming over tonight to help me pack and so we can have a last girls night in this place before I move out for good.

just a passenger

I have Sunday night anxiety in a big way. I haven’t had this in several weeks. I’m bummed that it’s back. I think it has something to do with the court hearing I have tomorrow morning.

In at attempt to quell said anxiety, I have taken two Tylenol PM. I am happy/proud to say that I haven’t had any Xanax or Lorazepam in over a month now. Go Jenn!

While I’m waiting to fall asleep, I figured I’d do a weekend recap –

  • Friday night was very chill. The boy and I hung out at home. I did much reading. This has actually been a very reading intensive weekend. I finished four books (though 2 were novellas to be fair) and I started a fifth.
  • I also started packing! I started with my closet. There is still a lot to do, but I can’t do more without acquiring some more packing supplies. I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow after work.
  • Last night, D & I went out for dinner and drinks. We played some foosball. Then we headed over to The Ready Room for the Drowners/The Joy Formidable show. It was so, so, so good.
  • Today (Sunday) has been very relaxing. I woke up with all of my loves in one place, which always makes me happy. It’s crazy to think that in just a couple of months that will be happening regularly. After D & Freya headed home, Jackson and I chilled. We watched shows and hung out in a giant pile of blankets & pillows on the couch. I read and journaled. Then watched GoT, which was amazing. It was a good day.
  • I’m sad that the weekend is mostly over. It always goes too quickly.
  • Oh well. Gotta make that money to pay for the house and all the beautiful things I want to buy to put in it.


i’m bringing seven back…

We do these Sunday Seven posts over on Tumblr. I’m bringing the tradition to WordPress. You’re welcome.

  1. It’s Mother’s Day and my kid is in Texas. I’m sort of mopey about it. But the silver lining is that I got to sleep in and lounge around all day, which has been nice. Plus, he’ll be home tomorrow afternoon, and he called me today to say that he’s very excited to see me. Apparently he has a special gift for me, which is awesome, but really I just want to see his cute face and give him a hug.
  2. Dave is pretty sick. He has the flu I had last week. Poor guy. He has a fever, so we have been couch bound all day. And most of last night too.
  3. We watched The Witch. It was disappointing. Not scary at all. Hard to understand what everyone was saying. Kind of boring.
  4. We watched The Revenant. It was long as fuck. Sort of boring. Though that bear attack scene was intense as fuck. They probably could have cut out like an hour of Leo just dragging himself along, grunting, and looking miserable as fuck. I get it. No need to rub my face in it.
  5. D is watching WW II shit now, like he is wont to do. I’m blogging, reading, and drinking wine. We are still on the couch. I have a giant sectional loaded with pillows and blankets, so we are pretty fucking cozy. I’ve loaded D up with lots of drugs. I hope he feels better soon.
  6. New Game of Thrones tonight. We re-watched last week’s episode, which was bad ass. I can’t wait to see what happens with Zombie Jon Snow. Are D and I the only ones who seriously don’t give a shit what happens to Bran? Because ugh.
  7. Oh and we are ordering pizza for dinner. Because why not?

Peace out. xoxo

anxiety of the sunday night variety

  • I hate it. It’s a shitty way to end an otherwise completely fabulous weekend. 
  • This morning upon waking: Me: Good morning, Jackson. Him: Mom, wouldn’t it be cool if a penguin was on top of the Eiffel Tower? Me: Totes.
  • Super productive weekend though. Work, cleaning, laundry, lots of kid bonding time, finished a book, read a novella, epic three hour nap, etc. For the record, if you dig horror you should check out The Mourning House by Ronald Malfi. 
  • Seeing my mom was cool. It went really well. I’m pleased. Hopeful even. 
  • Watching the season finale of Girls. My absolute favorite quote of this season was in the first half of this episode: “She has a lot to say about the feminist approach of being a fucking bitch.” I lol’d. 
  • I love Lena Dunham. I wish I had her confidence. 
  • I feel lucky and spoiled and not good enough all at the same time.
  • Forever fucking tired.
  • Busy week ahead. That’s part of what’s causing the anxiety. 
  • The end. 

Weekend recap

*Friday night: met our pals for drinks at a local brewery. Then we went out for steak. Ribeye. Mmm.
*Saturday we looked at homes. I think we’ve found “the one.” It’s brand new and beautiful. The floor plan is pretty much perfect for us. We need to work out a few details, but I’m optimistic. If nothing else, we have had a lot of productive discussions that will only help us moving forward.
*Saturday night was Handel’s Messiah at Powell Hall, followed by a lovely dinner at Wildflower.
*Today is a chill day. We went out for brunch, but our only other plans include the couch and a Love It Or List It marathon on HGTV. I love days like this.

Weekend stuff

*I kicked ass at the ethics panel.
*drove out to the boyfriend’s house for the weekend.
*we had drinks out on his back porch.
*walked to Crazy Sushi for a yummy dinner.
*picked up some dessert on the way back.
*watched The Chef and really enjoyed it.

*the bf made us breakfast.
*watched some Star Trek.
*watched some SATC.
*our friends picked us up around one to go to Mount Pleasant winery.
*the four of us consumed six bottles of wine. Much fun was had.
*dinner. Mmm ribeye.
*more dessert.
*watched Swingers.

*I’m currently still in bed, but the plan is:
*lunch at BWW.
*shop till we drop. My list: Fitbit, converse, dresses.
*Game of Thrones
*Silicon Valley.

This has been an amazing weekend and I don’t want it to end.

Some pics from the weekend.

The highlights:

  1. Lots of time spent with the bf and his daughter. We saw them every day this weekend.
  2. Lots of sleep. I needed it.  I was a zombie on Thursday and Friday.
  3. Dinner date with itsjustcarrie. We always love hanging with her.
  4. Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The kids loved it. 
  5. Jax and I built that gingerbread house this afternoon. You can laugh. It’s okay.
  6. Completed more Christmas shopping/wrapping. I still have a lot more to do on both fronts…ugh.
  7. Cat antics. My bestie saw me baby talking the cat this weekend and she said, “You are crazy over that cat. I never saw you act that way with the dogs.”  (I just really fucking love cats.)