Denver recap

  • Home sweet home! I finally made it home at around 1:30 am this morning. We had a late flight to begin with, then we had a delay, and then we lost an hour due to time zone change.
  • Frontier Airlines? Do not recommend.
  • Denver is a cool place. Highly recommended.
  • Speaking of high… The high altitude and my lymphedema did not get along. I had to wear my compression sleeve almost the entire weekend, which sort of sucked as it’s quite uncomfortable.
  • Bison burgers are super yum.
  • Gummy edibles? My new favorite thing. Too bad I couldn’t bring them home. It’s stupid that marijuana is still illegal in MO, but that is a rant for another time.
  • I read a really interesting book over the weekend: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit and I want to learn more. I ended up dropping a lot of money at the bookstore after I realized I had left my kindle at home. Oops.
  • Tattered Cover Bookstore = *hearts*
  • We were shopping in the 16th Street Mall area on Saturday and came across a booth where a lady was selling Lularoe. I picked up a super cute Amelia.
  • We did a lot of walking, but we also did a ton of eating, so it’s back to Operation Balls to the Wall tonight.
  • I’m happy to be back at home with the family. xoxo

Road trip wrap up 

  • We left Hilton Head this morning. Headed through North Carolina and into Tennessee. Drove through the Smoky Mountains, which are gorgeous. 
  • We stopped for lunch in Columbia, South Carolina and for dinner in Knoxville, TN. 
  • We’re staying the night in Nashville tonight and then driving back to Saint Louis in the morning.
  • We have seen an amazing amount of the South during this road trip. It’s beautiful and hot and so very humid.  I have really enjoyed this trip. I can’t wait to plan our next road trip. 
  • We have discussed renting an RV and doing a trip with our kids. I think that would be super fun. 

Today was our last full day at the resort, so we decided to go out with a bang. We rented a private cabana on the beach and it was fabulous. The waves were huge today and super fun. It was a great day, though I now have a sunburn of my own. Boo!!

Tonight we plan to dine at the French restaurant, drink, catch the Dominican show, gamble, and get our dance on at the Disco.