wacky wednesday

I had a busy morning of lawyering and now I want a nap. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and it’s starting to catch up with me. Tonight is my night! (At least I hope it is.)

Lunch date with the bf this afternoon. Yay.

Dinner date tonight with the bestie and Naarah. I would normally have Jackson tonight (and this weekend) but he is going to Texas with his dad and grandmother instead. To stop myself from being depressed about it, I have decided to fill up my week/weekend with fun activities. 

This was probably not the best week to start a new horror novel. Oops.

Yesterday I totally Facebook stalked my ex and his new gf. (I know, I know.)  They are cute together, and appear happy. This made me quite happy, and also relieved. The guilt eats at me still. 

I’m expecting (yet another) Modcloth package to arrive today. *squee*

every little thing is gonna be alright

  1. The bf and I went to the beer festival this afternoon. (Wolpertinger)
  2. His ex-wife was there with her bf, and she came up to us and said hi. She even introduced us to her bf.  This may not seem like a big deal, but if you would have asked me 2 ½ years ago if that was a possibility I would have told you no fucking way.  It was pretty ballsy of her to do it, and you could tell she was nervous, but it was really fucking cool. So…shout out to her for being awesome.
  3. That’s not to say it wasn’t super strange, because it definitely was. I still can’t believe it actually happened. It made my bf really happy though, and that makes me happy. 
  4. It’s interesting b/c recently I have had a few conversations with my ex that have led me to believe that he’s in a good place right now. He seems happy.  All of the bitterness seems to have faded away.  It sounds like he may have a gf (or potential gf) that he’s really into. I hope it works out. I want him to be happy. He deserves it. 
  5. There was a lot of good beer this afternoon, but the Wolpertinger beer was so nasty that I almost spit it out.  Ugh. Try harder next year, UCBC. 
  6. I haven’t been able to stay up past 9:30 pm the last two nights, and it’s not looking much better tonight. This jet lag has got to go. 
  7. The best part of today: I got three hugs/cuddles from the bf’s daughter. That made my heart happy. Progress!!

Love Is Not Enough

I want to send this to my ex, but I won’t.

I really identified with this. At one point, it was like he was describing my life with my ex-husband. The points contained in this post, especially #3, are realizations I had that finally convinced me I needed to call it quits.

While I am still occasionally sad about it, I have no regrets. Life is too short to spend with someone who makes you unhappy. No matter how much you love them.

Love does not equal compatibility.

Love Is Not Enough

I’m an excellent ex-wife.  Sure…I broke his heart and all that, but I just picked up his meds for him after his surgery, and I take care of all of his legal issues for free. I am very flexible with the custody schedule (so that he can go out on dates). I pay for his cell phone.  I’m never late on support payments. I could go on, but you get the idea.

My friends tell me I’m a sucker. I prefer to think I’m just a nice person. Besides, I loved him once, and he’s the father of my child, so it seems like the right thing to do.

And yes…I feel guilty. I will always feel guilty.

So this happened. My ex sent me these pics last night. Jackson has been asking to cut his hair “like daddy” and Grant decided he should fix the terrible haircut Jax got on Wednesday. (Great Clips blows). Unfortunately, he put on the wrong guard, and now my kid is mostly bald. He’s still adorable though, and apparently quite pleased.

Good thing he has a super warm winter hat. It’s currently 4 degrees outside.