List 16: list your essentials

  • quality time with my loved ones
  • goals
  • love/affection – (i need you to show me and tell me. i’m high maintenance). 
  • mindfulness
  • Diet Pepsi (it’s my coffee)
  • adequate alone time/quiet time (time for reflection)
  • my bed
  • books/my kindle
  • Erin Condren Life Planner
  • my blogs/journals
  • my phone – mostly for messaging and picture taking purposes.
  • my treadmill for run/walking
  • aromatherapy: especially frankincense lavender Zum Mist,  jasmine incense, and sandalwood or pine scented candles with crackly wicks
  • Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath
  • music (spotify/sirius xm)
  • Emu oil – (I use this for so many things)
  • my meds – for obvious reasons
  • cat cuddles
  • lots of sleep
  • make-up essentials: cover girl liquiline blast eyeliner, urban decay perversion mascara, bonne bell lip gloss (fruit punch flavor), and benefit pore-fessional.
  • blankets & pillows galore – in the bed, on the couch, in my office -wherever.
  • cardigans & hoodies – especially hoodies that I steal from Dave. I’m always cold. 
  • 4-color clicky pens, post-it flags, and my big calculator (for work stuff)
  • wine & beer – because duh

List 12: List Your Best Qualities

This was one of the more difficult lists I’ve completed so far, but it was also the most rewarding. I like that the “take action” note advises to keep adding to the list throughout the year as a way to realize the unique things that make me who I am. (Have I mentioned I adore this journal? Because I really, really love it. You can buy it here.)

My list (so far):

  1. good listener
  2. hard working
  3. passionate
  4. devoted
  5. fun
  6. dauntless
  7. authentic
  8. intelligent
  9. affectionate/loving
  10. adventurous
  11. brave
  12. self-reliant
  13. resilient

Last week’s list, which I didn’t post, was List The Ways You Can Rejuvenate Your Space. Next week’s list is: List The Things That Always Cheer You Up. I’m looking forward to that one. I’m going to use it as a self-care master list. 

I have found a few more “self-discovery” type journals I plan on buying soon.