thanksgivings past

As we approach Thanksgiving, D and I have been talking about all the Thanksgivings we have spent together. It made me want to do a recap post.

Thanksgiving 2012

This was our very first Thanksgiving together. Just the two of us. I was living in a townhouse in Ballwin. D came over with bottles of Bordeaux and Riesling, and made fun of me because I had a bottle of sweet red wine. Ha. I ordered Thanksgiving dinner from Maggiano’s, which was surprisingly delicious. We ate dinner and watched television. We ended up watching 28 Days Later, which D had never seen. We talked about divorce, and our kids, our fears for them, etc. There may have been some tears. Despite that, it was a really great night. I’ll always remember it.

We look like babies! OMG. This was just a matter of days before my bilateral mastectomy, so I was a bit of an emotional mess.

Thanksgiving 2013

This year D had Freya, but I didn’t have Jackson.  I came over to his place and helped him make dinner. It was slightly awkward because Freya was so shy and everything still felt very new and sort of strange. In fact, the morning started off a bit rough because when D’s ex dropped Freya off she (the ex) was crying. I felt so very sad for her that day. We rallied though and the three of us played Mario Kart. D and I made dinner.

Frey looks so young in this pic. I miss those little girl bangs. Sigh.

Thanksgiving 2014

This year I had Jackson, and Freya was with her mom. I was living in an apartment in the city. D came over and spent the night. I ordered food from Maggiano’s again, upon D’s request. He got a big kick out of having a catered Thanksgiving dinner.  I remember I didn’t have a phone, because I had broken mine and was waiting on a replacement. We ate food and lounged around watching movies. I think we watched Contact and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. D fell asleep on the couch.


My brother had just died the week before so I was still working through that. I remember I was quite sad, but also so thankful. Thankful to be alive. Thankful to be with my two favorite people. Thankful to have such a wonderful life.

Thanksgiving 2015

I made arrangements with the ex to change our custody schedule so that D and I would have the kids on the same holidays as much as possible. So this was the first Thanksgiving where we had both of the kids. It was awesome! Jackson and I went over to D and Frey’s place. The kids played together (Minecraft!) while D and I made a big dinner. It was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. Everything felt very comfortable and normal.


Thanksgiving 2016

This year it will be just the two of us again. We’re looking forward to making Thanksgiving dinner in our new home! We will miss the kids obviously, but we both agree that we are looking forward to it just being the two of us this year. There will be wine, yummy food, movies, and sex. I can’t wait.

notes on a wednesday that feels like a friday

  • While I’m still feeling kind of yucky physically, mentally I feel amazing. My head is clearer than it is has been in quite some time. Maybe since chemo. Yay Lexapro!
  • It feels like nobody is working this week. The lack of traffic this morning made me very happy.
  • I am at work now, but I need to leave in a bit to run some last minute Thanksgiving related errands.  Have I mentioned how excited I am that we will all be together for Thanksgiving this year? *squee* This is the first time!
  • We did some serious house research/discussing last night. I think maybe we have found the one. We just need some stuff to come together. Hopefully it will still be available early next year.
  • My Erin Condren LifePlanner shipped yesterday! It’s very customized and super adorable. It’s going to be well worth the money. Pics or it didn’t happen…duh.
  • Going to see Mockingjay Part 2 tonight with D & F. ❤

these go to 11

  1. My kid is leaving town tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving in Texas with his dad’s family. I’m upset that I don’t get to spend Thanksgiving with him, which is silly because I’m not a big Thanksgiving person.  But…still. I’m sad.  And yeah, I get that it’s my fault since I’m the one who wanted to get divorced.  Blah, blah, blah. Whatever.
  2. I can’t stop eating Starbursts and now I feel sick.  Even feeling sick isn’t sufficient motivation to stop though.
  3. I blame my boyfriend for telling me I look awesome and don’t need to lose weight.
  4. I’ve had a headache for 24 hours non-stop. Awesome.
  5. I have a visitor this week: Violet.  For those that don’t know, Violet is the cat I bought with my ex.  He “got” her in the divorce. I don’t know how to refer to her now. Is she his cat? Is she our cat? Idk. Whatever. She’s here, and so far she doesn’t seem too happy about it.
  6. Btw, I’m an awesome ex-wife for watching the cat, right? *pats self on back*
  7. I don’t get the point of blocking someone on one social media site, but not others.  Why block me on Facebook, but not on Twitter, Instagram, or Goodreads? Most people have their Facebook pages totally locked down anyway.  It’s weird, right? 
  8. I wrote a long paragraph for #8 and then deleted it because it’s just not worth it.
  9. Last night I had a bit of a meltdown about breast cancer shit. Sometimes it hits me out of nowhere.  Thanksgiving is the anniversary of my double mastectomy. Nice.
  10. The other day I saw something that reminded me of this trashy whore I used to know, but haven’t spoken to in about 18 months.  (My ex also “got” her in the divorce, which worked out well because I never liked her anyway. He also “had” her before our divorce, but that’s a story for another time.) Anyway, it reminded me of just how much my life has changed since December 2011.  (December 2011 is when I met somebody who changed the course of my life.) 
  11. I used to have a make-up and designer handbag obsession (in what feels like a previous life). I am starting to get really into make-up again, and I’m quite excited because my very first Birchbox is on the way.  Also, I am ready to declare that the Stila in the Light eyeshadow palette is love.