quick trip to the capitol

Today we went to visit my mom. She lives in Jefferson City, which is about 2 hours away from Saint Louis. Jackson had never been before. As we were crossing the bridge into town, I said, “Hey, look it’s the Capitol building.” He didn’t know what I was talking about, so I explained to him that Jefferson City is the Missouri state capitol. He goes, “Oh so does that mean Saint Louis is just a lower case city?” I died laughing.

Anyway, we had a lovely time. Now we are home and I am exhausted.

The divorced life

means that every other weekend I don’t have my kid. So I usually try to get a photo of the two of us before I drop him off at school on Thursday mornings (since Thursdays are his dad’s nights). This is today’s:

I look horrendous because I’m still recovering from the flu. He looks adorable as always (though he obviously needs a hair cut).

I’m going to miss him just like I always do. (Not that I don’t have a ton of fun during my non-custody weekends, because I definitely do, but his absence is always in the back of my mind.) He has been saying the funniest stuff recently. For example, the other day he came up to me and asked, “So what are Dave’s thoughts on marriage?” He then explained to me that he’s very much looking forward to the four of us (me, him, Dave, and Freya) being a family, and that he hopes we don’t get divorced. I almost cried, but I managed to hold it together and assured him he didn’t need to worry about that.  I’m going to give him and Freya the family life they deserve. I helped break it and now I’m going to fix it (to the best of my ability).

Then in the car the other day, he said, “I have a serious question for you. What are your thoughts on having a baby, because I’d really like a little brother or sister?”

And my favorite: he hugged me last night and then said, “Mom, you are the best mom anyone could ever ask for.”

Be still, my heart.



life with a little boy

I picked Jackson up from his dad’s house this morning, and on the way home I kept hearing him make explosion noises, so I asked what was up.

Jackson: Well the x-wings and tie fighters have to work together to defeat a t-rex and 18 velociraptors. But there aren’t any storm troopers because the clones defeated them and took over. I put escape pods in the x-wings though so if they explode we don’t have to die.

Me: …sounds awesome, bud. 

He has managed to combine his two favorite things. 

cutest ever

I’ve got to gush about my boy for a minute. Sorry not sorry.

Last night, he had a nightmare about wolves eating him and crawled into my bed. I allowed it, and we cuddled for a bit. He told me he couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I told him to think about something else. I asked him, “What is your favorite thing?” He replied, “You.”

*heart explosion*

This morning, we were running late and so I threw on leggings, a tee, cardigan, and hat. I didn’t even shower. I ran into his bathroom to help him brush his teeth and he goes, “You look great!”

I love him so much.

just another saturday in the city

  1. It’s delightfully cold today. I’m in bed wearing a big fluffy robe and lying under a sheet, duvet, and quilt. I’m still kind of chilly.
  2. We have too much to do today, but I’m going to squeeze in all the relaxation time I can. 
  3. I love these lazy Saturday mornings with my kid.  When he woke up, he got into my bed, gave me a cuddle, and said, “I’m so happy to be here with you.” Heart melted. This kid!!!
  4. I’m having an interesting text conversation with the bf this morning. I like the direction this is taking. Way to be vague, Jenn. Haha. 
  5. I just heard the sound of skidding wheels and crunching metal outside. I got up to look and it’s a three car accident and it’s right in front of my place. Air bags deployed. People yelling. Yikes.  Now I hear the police sirens. 
  6. Tonight we have a date with D & F. We are excited.