Worth it 

So today I did something that was sort of difficult for me (because of social anxiety and the like) and reached out to someone who is really good friends with D’s ex. Why? Because Freya is good friends with her daughter and would like the daughter to start coming over to our new place. 

The mom was actually very nice and I appreciate how courteous she was. It sounds like we will be planning play dates in the near future. 

I love Freya, and it makes me happy to see her happy. I told her about it when she got home tonight and she cheered. She even did a little dance. 😊



It has been a very good weekend. In fact, this living together thing is going way more smoothly than I imagined it would.

The kids keep referring to us as a “normal” family. This makes me both happy and sad. Sad only because the divorces (though years ago) were hard on them. I’m glad we’ve been able to give them our version of a “normal” family.

I am very happy, and I think they are too. I love them so much.