it’s true

I’m currently reading Ink and Bone, and came across this line that I very much identify with:

More than anything else, resentment was the death of love. It killed slowly.

Yes, yes, yes.

This is something I learned the hard way. Now I make sure to be very clear and forthcoming with my thoughts and feelings. I talk things out. I try to keep my emotions under control. It’s important to clear the air.

Relationships are hard, yo. Though with D, I feel like we did all the really hard work in the beginning. Things seem much easier now. I think the real challenge for us moving forward will be to make sure we don’t fall into a rut and get bored. Luckily, I’m still excited every time I see him. I’m still insanely attracted to him. He still makes me laugh. Nobody understands me more. Nobody is more fun.

We have so many amazing plans for our future.


I just received a 365 day gratitude journal I purchased from Amazon. I’m quite excited to start using it. I’m already doing The 52 Lists Project, which I love, so I’m hoping this will be similar.


From gratitude onto horror – I’m obsessed with all things horror (movies, books, etc) and I have tried reading the cult horror classic House of Leaves on several different occasions but have never been able to finish it. It’s long, difficult, and tedious at times. It’s heavy (literally – it’s over 700 (big) pages). There are two separate stories combined to give a bigger overall story, but it’s purposefully difficult. It has to be pieced together via footnotes and obscure passages. Sometimes you have to actually turn the book upside down to continue reading. In the past, I have tried reading it and always failed to get more than about a quarter of the way through the book. This time, thanks to advice from a Tumblr pal, I have a strategy. I’m going to commit to reading just 20 pages per day. I will conquer this book!


My friend did a thing! In other exciting book news, my good friend has had her first novel published! I’m so excited for her. She gave me my autographed copy this weekend (in Chicago). If you are into lesbian erotica you should def check it out.


And finally, I think my Kindle Paperwhite is approaching the end of its days. There are so many Kindle options now that I’m not sure which version to replace it with.

Books, books, and more books