movies, and shopping, and holiday planning galore

  • We finally bought our tickets to see The Force Awakens. In the Five Star Lounge. Yay. 
  • I have a special shirt I bought to wear to the movie. I hope it arrives on time. 
  • I also bought our tickets to Wolpertinger 2016. (Beer festival) Double yay.
  • Last night I showed the kiddo Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, and today we watched Home Alone. I love showing him the things I loved when I was a kid. 
  • We may venture out later to buy some new ornaments. He really wants a Chewbacca ornament. 
  • I have officially started Christmas shopping. I ordered something for the bf this afternoon.  I love online shopping.
  • The bf and I have agreed that we will go shopping together on Tuesday night. I still need to get stuff for: him, the kids, and the bestie.
  • We have our kids on Christmas Eve (YAY!!!) and then we are on our own Christmas Day. So we will be making a standing rib roast, and day drinking, which is what we do. 
  • And we have the kids on NYE. I have already started planning our little party. Party hats, appetizers, party favors, sparkling cider…the works. 

11:53 pm

Still technically Tuesday.

I made it to level 500 of Candy Crush! I’m ridiculously (and pathetically) impressed with myself.

If I’m going to spend almost half a million dollars with you, I’m going to need you to respond quickly to my emails. I’m high maintenance like that.

I’m feeling more self confident lately.

I feel like 2016 will be the year of many changes, but in the best way possible.

My left ovary hurts.

I had a dream last night that Robert DeNiro was trying to kill me. I’ve been watching too many mafia movies, I guess.

He’s hot though. Even when he’s trying to kill me.

My friends like to tell me that I’m somehow hotter post cancer than pre cancer. I’m starting to believe them.

I mean, I’d bang me.

I’m starting to really like my hair. I feel like I’m jinxing myself though. Because when you get comfortable, that’s when the shit goes down.

I cried earlier because I’m so close to having everything I’ve always wanted and that’s both awesome and frightening.

And also because I cry like pretty much every day. Even if it’s just like ‘omg I love cats so much!!’ *cries*

I told him it was going to be okay, and it was.

work it, girl

I am wearing four inch stiletto heeled knee high boots today. They are fucking hot as shit, if I do say so myself. Anyway, after a delightful lunch with the bf this afternoon, I was walking back to my car and a lady yelled out to me, “Damn girl, you are rocking those boots.” I laughed and thanked her, adding,”I’m just trying not to fall over.” She exclaimed, “Keep working it, girl!”

Today has been an interesting day.

These boots though…