looking on the bright side

You know what’s weird? Having a conversation with your ex-husband, on what used to be your wedding anniversary, about his dating prospects.  But it is also awesome, because I’m grateful to have such an easy going, friendly relationship with him after all that has happened. His happiness is important to me. 

My kid starts kindergarten this week. What?!

My associate started today. Again…what?!

Somehow, in the great pet debate, we have come down to the following options for cats: Nebelung, Russian Blue, (orange) Siberian Cat, and a Siberian Husky. Which of these does not belong?  Oh and everyone decided that, regardless of what we end up with, I have to clean up all the poop.  *sigh*

Is there a bright side to poop? Maybe I need to rethink the blog title.

But man…I love the hell out of them.

i need a weekend to recover from my weekend

  1. I have had a fantastic weekend, but it was crazy busy. I’m just now getting to spend some time alone/at home. It feels wonderful to just relax.
  2. Yesterday I did Shred Level 3 and a 3.4 mile run.  Who’s a bad ass?  I want to do it again today, but I’m not sure I have the energy (or willpower) to make it happen.
  3. I am so ready for my kid to be home. I’m counting down the hours. I’m hoping I’ll have him with me by tomorrow night.
  4. It occurred to me earlier that I’m really happy with my life right now, and I feel very fortunate.
  5. I think the cat is starting to like it here.  It hasn’t been too bad having her this time around.  In fact, I may even miss her a little bit when she goes home. Don’t tell anyone I said that.  (If I try to get a cat, Dave is going to kill me)
  6. This morning I went for a walk with Rosa, her daughter, and her dog. The dog is a bull dog named Gizmo.  He overheated and almost died. It was fucking crazy and scary.  He is okay now, but it took most of the morning and early afternoon to get him stable.
  7. I am in the mood to do some serious shopping, but my bed is calling my name. I thinking I’ve earned the right to lounge about, with a glass of wine, re-watching episodes of Firefly. Or maybe reading. My current book is really good so far. Help For The Haunted. (#40!)

I leave you with my face.  This was earlier this morning before the walk turned into a complete nightmare.

I love those sunglasses. Rack and Clutch is my new favorite thing ever.