six saturday morning thoughts

– I love Michigan. Great beer, fantastic weather, and beautiful scenery. Today we are supposed to do a big hike and tonight we are going on a booze cruise. ❤

– Things are really fabulous on the relationship front and I’m not sure I could be happier. On Wednesday, before the DMB show, we looked at a house together for the very first time. That was very exciting and just omfg squee.

– I’m getting fat. Fat and happy, but def fat. I’ve got to get on this before I gain all the weight back. Serious diet and exercise time when I get home. In the meantime, the brewery tour of Michigan continues.😊

– I read last night that a cat cafe is opening up in Saint Louis. A place where I can drink tea and cuddle cats all day? Sign me up! Sounds dangerous though, because the cats will be adoptable and I’m going to want all of them. I just know it.

– We head home tomorrow, but we are stopping at Bell’s on the way. I’m so very excited.

– I’m happy. ❤❤