insomnia induced shopping 

I woke up before the sun this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. This horrible cold is just lingering, which doesn’t help. Anyway, D woke up for an impromptu bang, which was awesome, but I was still wired after. So I popped onto Facebook and found a Lularoe sale. Oops. 

Here’s what I bought:

I can’t wait for all of it to arrive. 

I’m feeling it ❤️

So I bought this dress (Julia by LuLaRoe) because polka dots, and I wasn’t too sure about it when I left the house this morning. It fits perfectly, and is super comfortable, but shows more of my mom tummy than I’d like because the material is super clingy.  BUT…D saw it tonight when he got home (since he left before I was dressed this morning) and flipped. He loves it. Couldn’t stop staring. Couldn’t stop groping. Pulled me into the bedroom. 😊I’m going to buy a hundred more. Haha.