• D wants me to blog, and so blog I shall.
  • I walked/ran 2.5 miles tonight. I had to dig deep. I did 1.5 the day before. Baby steps.
  • But…I joined Club Fitness tonight so I’m ready to get my pump on.
  • And tomorrow I have my weekly meeting with my trainer, so go me.
  • I’ve been consuming way less alcohol as well. *pats self on back*
  • Currently reading two books: The Vanishing Year & Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • Last night I finished Tiny Beautiful Things and absolutely loved it.
  • Reading is my jam.
  • So is Obama 2020. I adore Michelle Obama.
  • My ex texted me today and asked me to call and help him pick out health insurance, which I did because what was I going to say, but I’m giving him all the side eye right now. Like why can’t he do anything on his own?
  • Tonight I tucked Freya into bed and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. *heart melted*

what’s the story, morning glory?

  1. We finally have WiFi. You have never seen a happier family. Haha.
  2. I’ve been all about the reading lately. It’s all I want to do.
  3. Danielle & Ross came out to visit today. This was their first time seeing the house. We got another bottle of wine (yay!) which we drank at like noon. Haha. I love giving the tour of the house. It’s fun.
  4. Tonight is D&D and pizza with the kiddos.
  5. OMG you guys…we can watch Netflix again. I plan on doing a It’s Always Sunny binge watch after the kids go to bed tonight.
  6. I’ve been trying to stay off the internet as much as possible. For reasons.
  7. LOVE. It’s all about love. I’m going to keep spreading love. I’m going to be positive. I’m going to be the change I wish to see.

observations from the couch

  • I’m sooooo sick. This cold is kicking my ass. It improves for a bit and then comes back twice as bad. It’s terrible. Colds almost never affect me like this. 
  • I’m couch bound today; trying to rest up for trick-or-treating tonight.  Currently watching the Poltergeist remake. I hate it. Why fuck with perfection?
  • My medicine cocktail for tonight: Sudafed, caffeine, booze, and sugar. That’s the plan. 
  • The joints in my hands and wrists fucking kill today. Sigh. 
  • I’ve read 84 books this year. I’m trying to reach 100. I finished #84 last night but I’m having trouble deciding what I want to read next. 
  • I made a reservation for me and the kiddos at the new cat cafe. I’m so excited.
  • I’m going to watch scary movies all day. Next up: The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
  • We still don’t have Internet. 😡
  • Ugh I need to feel better. I have so much shit to do. 
  • I can’t wait to eat the kids’ candy tonight. 

Today’s topics –

  • I’ve had a few difficult professional conversations today, but they all ended up going quite well.
  • D gave me his cold.
  • I have a tension headache. The pain in radiating down my neck and into my shoulder.
  • Being in a book club is hard when you’ve read like all the books. Every single month for the last four have been repeats.
  • There was so much making out this past weekend that my mouth is sore and the skin around it is irritated.
  • I wish people would stop pretending like cauliflower is an acceptable substitute for rice and/or potatoes.
  • D’s ex sent him an email today that made me smile. It seems his parents are on her shit-list too, and rightfully so. Fucking assholes.
  • I’m addicted to washi tape, and stickers. I put them on everything.
  • This completely worthless post must come to an end so I can go meet with another client.

love list

Violet does this super adorable thing where she runs to meet me whenever she suspects I’m headed to bed. She’s super fat so this is no easy feat. I love the way it sounds when she runs across the hardwood floor. I adore her. She brings me so much joy. 

Tonight I was trying to go downstairs to do laundry, and Freya grabbed ahold of me and said, “Jenn!! I love you so much. Please stay.” So of course I did. Duh. We played Emoji Pop for a good long time. I rock that game. 

Today was pajama day at Jackson’s school and when I picked him up he was wearing a Chewbacca onesie. It was totes adorbs. 

I received an email from Jackson’s teacher about his spelling issues, so I sat him down for some spelling work after dinner tonight. Frey helped me quiz him and helped him sound words out. She’s so sweet and patient with him. She’s an excellent big sister and I just adore her. Also, Jackson improves so quickly when he gets extra attention. He’s actually incredibly smart. 

D worked late tonight so I had one on one cuddle time with the kids. ❤️

D and I had good conversation and alone time tonight. He sent a response to his parents that was just perfect. I feel so very lucky that he has chosen me to be his partner in life.

It’s almost 1 a.m. so I should probably go to sleep.


riding the struggle bus today

  • I’m pretty sure I didn’t get more than maybe 90 minutes of sleep last night. To say I’m on the struggle bus would be an understatement.
  • I just met with a new client and when I walked in he was like, “Are you the attorney?” I said, “Sure am!” He goes, “Damn…I’ve never seen an attorney that looked as good as you.” Hahahaha, yeah baby.
  • Training tonight…dreading it.
  • D is sick. My poor gingy. I’m not sure what that means for our date night plans. I had to force him to stay home from work.
  • Our Dungeons & Dragons starter kit arrived. Yes, you read that correctly. We are planning an epic family D&D campaign.
  • So I realized last night that I haven’t been getting emails at my personal gmail account since like Sunday. I did some digging and realized that I have maxed out my free storage space. So I had to pay to upgrade to 100 GB. I take too many pictures, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Memories, yo.
  • New construction woe: can’t get pizza delivered because your address isn’t in the system yet. *sigh*
  • I’m starting to get really excited about the Halloween party.
  • It has taken me three hours to get to this point in this post because I keep getting pulled away to work. BOO.

here and now

  • It’s cold outside and I forgot a sweater/jacket/coat because I fail at adulting. Le sigh.
  • But…boot weather!
  • My new iPhone case has cute little black cat faces all over it. *love*
  • My bathroom is messy. I have a bunch of cleaning to do this weekend to get ready for the big party.
  • D: this is your reminder to order your costume, please.
  • I thought he ordered his at the same time I ordered mine, but apparently not.
  • I’m digging the new Spotify Daily Mix playlists.
  • I wish you a super fabulous day filled with cozy blankets, naps, cat cuddles, and love, love, love.
  • My plan is to leave work early today so I can get some of that in before date night tonight. We tend to go a little crazy on these Thursday nights before a kid weekend. One last hurrah…kind of.
  • xoxo, my lovelies.

i’m a hard, hard habit to break

  • I removed myself from eight Lularoe Facebook groups today, and I still have a long list to go. I have to get it out of my face though because I have been spending way too much money on clothes recently. I’m seriously a shopaholic.
  • I like to cuddle Violet, sniff her furry little ears, then press my nose against hers and sing, “I love you so much, it hurts me. That’s why, darling, I’m so blue. I want to hold you, my dear, forever and ever. I love you so much…it hurts me so.”
  • You love me for everything you hate me for.
  • I practice writing what will (hopefully) someday be my married name, like some silly lovesick teenager.
  • This time last year my rads tit pic was an international internet sensation. My life is so odd.
  • We finally purchased Halloween costumes. We ended up with couples themed costumes after all, because we just can’t stop being so fucking adorable. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Suck it, haters.
  • The buzz over at the bk court about the party is intense. Everyone is so excited. It’s funny to think that I only started this tradition in 2012 after breaking free from the huge downer I then called my “husband.” He hated fun, and enjoyed nothing more than raining on my party parade with his hipstery b.s. Now I call him “ex-husband.” Who’s laughing now, motherfucker?
  • Sometimes I just have to let the snark out, ya know?
  • Date night shall commence in approximately 30 minutes. We have a big deal, very good, awesomesauce achievement to celebrate tonight. So we are heading to our go-to celebration place, of course: GAMLIN WHISKEY HOUSE. *squee-fest*


This is just a list of stuff I’m currently excited about:

  • Blair Witch.
  • The weekend.
  • Sleeping in tomorrow morning.
  • The chairs I ordered for the breakfast room shipped today.
  • Our new mirror is now hanging in the entry way.
  • I designed and ordered a custom planner from Sweden! I should have it in a few weeks.
  • New Lularoe is on its way to me.
  • Today is payday.
  • Paul & Laura’s wedding reception.
  • Star Wars stickers for iOS 10. So cute!
  • Family game night tonight!