I walked the Komen 5k this morning with a group of friends. It felt weird to be there as a breast cancer survivor. I’m not a huge Komen fan, but it was a really positive experience and I’m glad I went. I had several other survivors come up and give me hugs along with words of encouragement. I’m not sure if I will do it again next year, but I felt like it was important to do this year.

My goal has been to run the Komen 5k in 35 minutes. ┬áToday I did it in 35:46. ┬áConsidering that was with an extremely swollen right knee, I’m thinking it’s time for a new goal. ┬áNew goal: 33 minutes. ┬á I have 7 weeks to improve.┬á

Oh yeah, and I ran the entire time. ┬áThis is a big improvement over last week. I’m pleased.┬á