This song came on the radio yesterday and I freaked out b/c I haven’t heard it in forever. I forgot how much I used to love it. I sang along with it (quite loudly) on the way home from my walk with Danielle.  In 1996, when this album was released, I was in high school. I feel old. That is all.

if something has to change then it always does

Isn’t it amazing how music can transport your mind to another time/place? I was listening to The Back Room by Editors on the way to court this morning, and I felt like it was 2005 again.  That album will always be about law school for me (along with So Jealous by Tegan & Sara and Small Sins by Small Sins). When I hear it, I will always remember dancing my ass off, in the front row, at their concert at The Blue Note. (That was unusual for me as I’m a terrible dancer, but I remember it felt so good to let go of all the law school related stress. Also…alcohol.)

I was in law school ten years ago. Fuck I’m old.

i bet you didn’t know that i was dangerous

  1. Fuck yes it’s Friday!
  2. I got another cortisone shot in my right knee this morning. OUCH. But it will be so worth it.  I’m also adding a new med into the mix. I hope it’s effective. I’m so tired of these psoriatic arthritis flare-ups.
  3. I was referred to as a “young lady” today. I giggled. In two months I will be 35. How the hell did that sneak up on me?  Didn’t I just have a birthday?
  4. I’m five days into my 30 Day Fitness Challenge(s). I’m up to a 40 second plank and 70 squats. That plank is a bitch.  I ran 4 miles Tuesday night with a semi-decent better than I expected time. However, I’ve decided to worry less about time. I’m likely never hitting pre-chemo pace ever again. Whatever. I’m doing this for fun and fitness, so why stress?
  5. I’m closing this office early today. It’s time to get the weekend started.

Note to self

You are 34, not 24. You can’t drink all the things and then bounce right back the next day.  You will feel like shit all day because of it, and the 4-year-old doesn’t care.  You will still be required to roller skate and play super hero squad .  Suck it up, sweetheart.

Face it: You’re old.