five faves for friday

  1. One of my favorite things ever is cuddling Violet and feeling her purrs vibrating throughout my body. Cats are the best. I wish cat cuddles for everyone! I have been home from work most of this week, so I have gotten a bunch of cuddle time in.
  2. Our new furniture was delivered this morning, and I am so pleased with how it looks. This place is really coming together and starting to feel like a home. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it’s off to an excellent start. We are going to be busy little bees this weekend: unpacking, hanging, installing, cleaning, decorating, etc.
  3. I went to Chipotle for lunch (because yum) and, once I got up to the register, two dudes that work there told me that they had paid for my food. I was like, “Why?” Dude 1 goes, “Why not?” Dude 2 goes, “We want to make sure you come back.” These guys looked to be about 20-ish, so I must be looking particularly young today if they thought they had a chance. Anyway, it felt kind of weird, but was super flattering. I’ve still got it, people. Hell yes.
  4. I’m sneaking a chapter here and there of The Handmaid’s Tale (between unpacking boxes). I read it once a long time ago, and I loved it, but I had forgotten just how amazing it really is. If you are into speculative, dystopian fiction then this is a must read. I’m torn between reading slowly to savor it and reading quickly to see what happens (since I can’t remember anymore).
  5. We aren’t going to have internet and cable at home for a while because Charter still needs to put in their lines. I am so thankful for the ability to use my phone as a hot spot, because I hate writing long posts on my phone. Yay technology! The kids are also grateful because it means they can still watch Netflix and FaceTime with their other parents on their iPads.

finally friday

  1. D is on his way home from Boston!
  2. Everyone is talking about OITNB and I’m over here like, “Um, hello…Battle of the Bastards on Sunday night!!!”
  3. I love hair cut day. I go every five weeks because short hair is a pain in the ass and requires much maintenance.
  4. I can’t wait for dinner tonight. We are going to one of our favorite spots to celebrate D’s birthday. There will be wine and scotch and steak and cake. Oh my.
  5. Happy happy weekend! xoxo

**five for friday**

5 things I’m grateful for right now:

  1. Friday. Holy fuck this week was rough!
  2. Cat cuddles.
  3. Boar’s Head brand cheese.
  4. Naps.
  5. Books. Currently reading: Red Queen and Took

5 things I need to work on:

  1. Patience.
  2. Confidence (professionally speaking).
  3. My grocery shopping skills.
  4. Drinking less.
  5. Exercising more.

5 things I’m excited about:

  1. Extra time with Jackson.
  2. Seeing Dave tomorrow night.
  3. Kid free time with Dave on Sunday.
  4. My pizza lunch date with Jax tomorrow after his ukelele lesson. It has been a while. We usually go every other Saturday, but life has gotten in the way recently.
  5. The pre-construction meeting on Tuesday morning. Fucking finally!

5 things currently annoying me:

  1. That lame ass colleague I felt guilted into friending on Facebook who won’t stop making asinine comments on my statuses/photos.
  2. My ex. For reasons. Many reasons.
  3. People telling me how to feel.
  4. People whose default response in a text conversation is “lol.” I can’t work with that, sorry. 
  5. People. 

just 5 fucking things:

  1. I’m itchy again and it’s freaking me out. What if it’s just stress related because I’m fucking crazy and there is nothing that can be done and ugh?
  2. I gained five fucking pounds during the fifteen days I was on Prednisone. I’m hoping some of it is just water weight.
  3. I’m oh so tired. Even after a two hour nap.
  4. There is a hard run and relaxing bubble bath in my immediate future. 
  5. “Caught a lite sneeze / Dreamed a little dream / Made my own pretty hate machine.”


  1. I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning. He said all is well and to come back in six months. He did “prescribe” regular massages. He says it will help my stress and muscle pain. And he loved the idea of floating in the sensory deprivation tank. 
  2. I weighed myself this morning and now I’m depressed. 
  3. So I’m eating Valentine’s themed M&M’s…like you do in these situations. Depressed because you’re fat? Let’s get fatter!!
  4. Dave’s V-day present is going to arrive today and I’m so relieved because I thought I wasn’t going to get it until Monday. I really hope he likes it. I put a lot of thought/effort into it.
  5. I’m very much looking forward to the super chill, no plans weekend ahead. Well we do have plans on Sunday, but that’s it. Tonight we are cooking dinner and watching Crimson Peak!
  1. I’m still trying to get used to my new hair cut. Bangs are weird. It’s sort of amazing how something so simple can make such a drastic difference in your appearance.
  2. Yay for Friday! I have had a bit of a difficult week, and this (kid free) weekend is much needed.
  3. I love our Friday firm lunches. My three employees are the fucking coolest. I love them. I don’t even think of them as employees really. I think of us as a team. I couldn’t do this without them. 
  4. Tonight Dave and I are going to Naughti Gras with Scott & Val. Should be interesting.
  5. I’m happy. Does anything else really matter? 


  1. There have been discussions regarding getting an office cat. 
  2. People are already talking about Mardi Gras and going to the big celebration down in Soulard. Ugh. I can’t think of much I’d rather do less. 
  3. Same goes for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Keep your drunken foolery and cheap, nasty beer to yourself, please. 
  4. I’m a major hater today. I even canceled plans with my bestie. I’m grumpy. I don’t really know why. I’m just exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed, and headachey…so you know, the usual. 
  5. All I want to do is chill on the couch with my kiddo. After he goes to bed tonight, I’m going to finally start Making a Murderer. Alex, Laura, and Danielle are all dying to talk about it. (see what I did there?)
  6. I kind of hate January. It’s so fucking blah. A total meh month.
  7. Last night we ran into a blast from the swinger past while out at a local wine bar. So that was interesting.
  8. That reminds me that I want to buy a bottle of Chambourcin wine for tonight. 
  9. Oh yeah…totes bailed on that no drinking for the week thing. What a silly idea!
  10. I had a much needed and incredible orgasm last night. Now I need a full body massage.  Tmi Friday, baby.