I’m feeling it ❤️

So I bought this dress (Julia by LuLaRoe) because polka dots, and I wasn’t too sure about it when I left the house this morning. It fits perfectly, and is super comfortable, but shows more of my mom tummy than I’d like because the material is super clingy.  BUT…D saw it tonight when he got home (since he left before I was dressed this morning) and flipped. He loves it. Couldn’t stop staring. Couldn’t stop groping. Pulled me into the bedroom. 😊I’m going to buy a hundred more. Haha. 


  • Ootd/selfie
  • Today is meet the teacher day. 
  • I have a summer cold. Can’t stop sneezing.
  • Jax lost another tooth this morning. He’s so excited. I want him to stop growing up so fast. 
  • I have so much to do that I’m currently ignoring all of it to avoid mental meltdown.
  • One thing at a time.
  • It will be nice to have adult only time with D tonight. Finally. 


I’m not particularly proud of this look, but it works for a Monday where I waited until the last minute to crawl out of bed. Also, I just want to get back in the habit of photo documenting my outfits. That’s a bright blue cardigan. You can’t really tell in this badly lit pic. 

Happy Monday. I hope it’s kind to you.