random shit on my mind

  • City living means never knowing if it’s fireworks or gunshots you’re hearing. 
  • The Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir: aka Dave Matthews Wine. I opened my bottle last night, and to my delight the cork has lyrics from The Dreaming Tree on it. *insert fan girl squeal* The wine itself is actually pretty good. 
  •  I need someone to tell me I’m not the only one who sings to her cat on a regular basis. 
  • I have divorce on my mind this time of year. This weekend (3 years ago) was a bad fucking weekend. I’ll feel better once May is over. 
  • I’ve decided I’m getting a pair of hot pink Converse. This will be my first pair ever.
  • Growing out short hair fucking sucks. 

Guess who has tickets to see Dave Matthews Band in July? Me!

I’m excited. I saw Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds back in 1998, but I have never seen DMB. This will be a good birthday present to myself.  Last year I saw Fiona Apple for my birthday, and this year I will see Dave Matthews Band.  I hope it’s awesome, because the tickets weren’t cheap.

I’m going to be 34 years old in July. Any other year, I would complain about how old I am getting.  Now I’m just grateful to be seeing another birthday.