My Halloween party was a big success. It was so much fun.

Hoppy Halloween (the IPA we made) was also a big success. We are officially out, which I was not expecting.

Dave took most of these pics with his fancy new camera. He’s Ned Stark, in case you can’t tell. (That wig isn’t perfect, but it was the best we could do.)  I want to wear his Hand of the King pin. I’m not joking.

Yes, I dressed my cat up as a dragon.  I was the Mother of Dragons, after all.  She was not amused. Not even a little.

It was my best party yet. ❤

2nd annual Halloween costume party. 

I love Halloween. I love costumes.  I love my friends.  This year was even better than last year.  Don’t get me wrong, last year was epic, but I had that whole ‘oh shit i may have breast cancer’ thing going on. This year I had a new vibe: ‘i owned breast cancer and i’m getting new boobs on Tuesday. I win.’

These are my favorite pics from the night.  (The one with everyone surrounding the television was the reaction at the end of game 3 of the World Series.)   We started out by hanging at my place, while eating, drinking, and watching the game. Around 12:30 am we ventured out to the Halloween party at Handlebar. 

My favorite part of the night was when Danielle smashed a cupcake into Tim’s face. (He deserved it.) See pic #9. ❤