all dressed up

The boyfriend took this pic on the way to the Arcade Fire show yesterday:

The band requested everyone wear formal attire or a costume.  It was a great show. Lots of fun.  We went with Danielle and Ross, and they are always excellent company.

We made stops at 4 Hands and Square One before making our way to the venue, because beer.

This weekend was full of win.

Valentine’s evening was perfect. We had these big plans for the night, and then realized that we would rather keep it casual. We each thought the other wanted a fancy night out, when really we just wanted to hit one of our favorite hangouts. It was perfect, and I’m so happy with where we are in our relationship right now.

Saturday night I went to see The Arctic Monkeys with Robert. They were amazing. After the show, we went to see Quitting Amy’s second set, and I got to spend time with some new friends. They got me to dance when I wasn’t even drunk. We didn’t make it to bed until almost 3 am.

Today we slept in, had lunch, and then had a House of Cards marathon. Holy shit that show is good. Season 2, Episode 1…wow.

As always, I’m bummed that the weekend is over, but I’m quite excited about our waterpark trip. We leave on Thursday! I can’t believe February is almost over. This year is flying by.

Now I think it’s time for Girls, The Walking Dead, and some reading in bed. The rhyming is not on purpose. I’m not that lame, I promise.