time flies

I can’t believe Christmas is over already.

I do still have the gift exchange with the kids tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that. 

I’m also looking forward to NYE.  I’m so glad Dave & I decided that we are done with going out on NYE. It’s always a major hassle, too expensive, and never as much fun as you think it’s going to be. Staying in with him and the kids sounds absolutely perfect!

It’s almost 2016. I have a short list of things I’d like to accomplish next year, but I’m not going to do a big resolutions post like I normally would. My goals are simple, and really boil down to the following: LOVE MYSELF & BE HAPPY. 

On this Monday…

  1. I am tired. Very tired. I’m so thankful for the short work week.
  2. I am quite annoyed about something that happened at court this morning. I’m frustrated with someone’s constant incompetence. I need it to stop now.
  3. I get to see my boy tonight. I can’t wait to pick him up from school.
  4. I still have Christmas shopping to do tonight. I have a few more things to pick up for the boyfriend and the bff.
  5. I want a burrito from Chipotle for dinner. It has been decided.
  6. I’m in this weird place where I have a ton of stuff to do, and I’m overwhelmed by all of that stuff, so I’m just like…fuck it. So here I sit, blogging instead of working.
  7. How is it lunch time already?
  8. LinkedIn just alerted me to my work anniversary. I have operated/managed my own law firm for four years now. Wow. I think that calls for a celebration.
  9. Today is a glasses sort of day. My eyes are very tired. Xanax hangover is partially to blame, I think. My attempts to make sure I actually get some sleep typically make me feel even more tired the next morning. Counterproductive?

my monday musings

  1. Am I the only one that finds that Elf on the Shelf crap super fucking creepy?  Like if my mom had told me that creepy fucker was moving around in the night when I was a kid, I would have flipped out. It reminds me of that movie Dolls. No thanks. 
  2. I’m so excited about Iceland. That’s actually an understatement.  There are no words to adequately express how happy I am about this.  We will be there for about a week.  We are spending a total of three nights in Reykjavik, and are doing a four day hiking tour where we will be staying in mountain huts. During the days we will be hiking over mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, and various pools/water falls. At night, we go on 2.5 hour hikes looking for the northern lights. It’s going to be so amazing.  January 13th!
  3. I’m still sick.  I’m over it. I finally seem to be making some progress though.
  4. I’m going to an American Girl store for the first time this afternoon to get the rest of my Christmas presents for my boyfriend’s daughter. I was on the website last night, and it looks like it’s going to be overwhelming. Wish me luck.  Stuff like this is fun for me though, because I don’t usually get to buy little girl stuff. My life is all about super heroes, video games, and ninja turtles.  I took my bf out this weekend to help him pick out stuff for her, because he is so clueless. It was pretty adorable, because I’d point to something and he’d be like, but why would anyone want that? And I’m like: SHE’S A GIRL!!!! You can never have too many necklaces, headbands, scarves or hats.  He’s 100% man for sure. But he ended up with some great stuff, and I think she will be very happy. Shit…there were a couple of things I wanted. Haha. 
  5. I have recently been making an effort to build stronger relationships with my family members.  My brother’s death was a horrible and unexpected tragedy for our family.  We have had strained relations for a very long time before this, but I’m hoping that we can use this experience as an opportunity to come together.  I’m at least going to do my part.  That’s all I can do.  I worry that I may be setting myself up for disappointment again, but something feels different this time.  At least with my mom.  And you know what, I miss my mom. Every girl wants a mom they can count on, and I didn’t usually feel like I had one growing up. I haven’t ever really felt like I did honestly, but I’m hoping we can fix that, because I love my mom, and I want an opportunity to show her before it’s too late.  Also, I want Jackson to get an opportunity to know her, and for her to know him.  She’s going to love him because he is so amazing. I’m actually very excited for them to spend some time together. She lives in Jefferson City, and I’m thinking the first weekend in January will be a good time for a trip.
  6. I’m meeting karaisafourletterword on Thursday and I am fucking pumped!!!
  7. I’m about to finish another novel. If anyone has suggestions, please leave a comment. I want to read something good. The last few novels have been kind of meh.
  8. This post has been a novel itself. Enough for now.