1. We both feel so much better today. Finally!

2. So we finally got out of the house for a while. We did some shopping, and then headed over to Citygarden to meet my bf and his daughter. Then we had a yummy dinner.

3. Jackson was very excited to give Dave’s daughter her birthday presents, which he picked out. I think he did a really good job. (And maybe he had a little bit of direction from mom. Maybe. Like when he wanted to get her a Spiderman gift bag.)

4. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I suck at putting stuff together. These Lego playsets kick my ass. I did it though. It took like 45 minutes to put together, and then he broke it within 5. #storyofmylife

5. I’m actually glad that tomorrow is Monday. I’m in the mood to kick some ass at work this week. We shall see how long this mood lasts once I arrive at the office.

6. I got some really great news this weekend regarding my career. I have been asked to be on a small committee of lawyers who will help draft new local bankruptcy rules. This is huge. I’m kind of in shock about it.

7. This week is all about the gym. Six weeks until vacation, and I plan on looking hot.

Day 15

I’m thankful to be my own boss. I decided to leave a good position as head bankruptcy/trustee attorney back in December 2010, to open my own law firm.  It’s almost three years later, and things are going really well. It was super scary, and things have been difficult at times, but all the hard work has been worth it. I love walking into the office and thinking: This is mine. I did this. It’s a sweet feeling.

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without my partner. Gotta put that out there. We’ve had some rough patches, but we are in this together, and I love him.