wishing a very happy birthday

to the love of my life. We won’t get to spend as much time together today as we would like, but I plan on spending the little time we do have celebrating him and feeling thankful for how lucky we are to have found each other. 

Now I just need him to hurry up and get here! *waits impatiently*

I love you so very much. 


you fit me better than my favorite sweater

  • Today kind of felt like waking up from a coma. I’ve been out of it all week, but today I feel more like myself.
  • I picked up Gracie from the kennel this morning, and she had fucking fleas.  She certainly did not have fleas when I dropped her off. I flipped my shit like whoa.  I’m sure it would have been quite humorous to an outsider, but for me it was fucking hell. I should have been in bed, but instead I was washing all the things, vacuuming all the floors, bathing her multiple times. It was horrible. I haven’t seen any fleas since the initial sighting. Those motherfuckers better be dead. *fingers crossed*
  • My hair is what one might call a hot mess. It’s this really weird length that’s difficult to do much with. I have an appointment this week for another cut and color. I think I’m going to actually let her trim up the top and sides, because it needs some kind of shape as it grows out. A few more months and these bangs will be past my eyebrows.  Sweet.
  • Jax asked for a Batcave for his birthday, and I found one today. I am so excited to see the look on his cute face when he opens it. His birthday is the 16th, and he will be 4 years old. He’s having a party with all of his little friends at The Magic House.  I get him for his actual birthday this year, and I’m trying to think of something special to do with him.  I’m thinking a trip to Monkey Joes might do the trick.
  • My boobs are sore. Going in tomorrow morning for a check-up. The left one (rads boob) is looking a little wonky. It has a small bubble forming below the incision.  Looks like it’s probably some fluid building up under the skin, which hopefully isn’t too big of a deal and can simply be drained.   Otherwise, these babies are looking pretty good.
  • Wearing spanx 24/7 is fucking horrible.  My doc says I have to wear them for 6 weeks.  Liposuction is a fucking drag, just so ya know.
  • Recovery has been excellent for reading. I’m on my third book of the week, and I’ve officially completed my goal of reading 24 books in 2013. *check*
  • I’ve never been this person before, but I have this overwhelming urge to decorate my apartment with all kinds of Christmas-y stuff. Too soon?  Also, I kind of want it to snow.  WHO AM I?!

30 Days of Thanks. DAY 4.

I’m thankful for my little sister, Krystal.

Today is her 30th birthday.  I cannot believe she’s actually 30. I feel so old.  I’m four years older than her, and that always seemed like such a big deal before, but suddenly it seems like nothing.  We are both in our 30s. Crazy.

My sister is the only person in my immediate family that really gets me, and I love her like crazy.  She has been there with me through a lot of fucked up shit.  She was a rock for me during my cancer treatment. She’s a generous, beautiful, funny, bad ass bitch, and I love her.

Happy birthday, sis. All the love and hugs for you on your special day.  Welcome to your 30s. They rock.