Tuesday can suck it

Why isn’t it Friday yet? I’m very much looking forward to the weekend.

I’m not feeling well today.  My arthritis is flaring, which makes me achy and exhausted. Combine that with a busy day at the office and you have a recipe for a bad day.

I had to cancel my workout session with my trainer, and I can’t do the three miles on the half training schedule.  There is no way I can exercise like this. I have an appointment with my new Rheumatologist on 1/28, and I plan on asking to be put back on my old meds. (Enbrel, ftw).  I can’t do this anymore. Fuck the risks. I prefer quality of life over quantity of life.

The good news is that while Tuesday day sucks balls, Tuesday night will be lovely.  I have dinner plans with my bestie, and then a sleepover with the boyfriend. Once I’m at home, I can medicate myself, and cuddle with my bf. Is there a better way to end a rough day?  I don’t think so.