my mental health day

I woke up this morning around 5:30 am and immediately checked my phone to confirm what I already knew deep down. I saw a CNN headline that said “President Trump” and I figured I was in for a really crappy day. D was awake too, and we decided that we wanted to skip work and spend the day together. So that’s what we did.

The rundown –

  • Laid around, fooled around, and finally crawled out of bed to go pick up breakfast, which we brought home and ate while watching CNN. We watched Hillary’s concession speech. I cried. Then we took a bubble bath together.
  • At one point this morning D was like, “Do you want to get married today?” and I was like, “No, we should follow the original plan, but can we get a kitten?” The answer was no. Marriage…yes. More cats…absolutely not. Hahahaha. I realize I have given no context for this conversation, but I promise it wasn’t as random as it seems.
  • We went to lunch where we did a bit of day drinking. I ate my feelings in the form of buffalo wings and cheese fries. Mmm.
  • We were on a mission this afternoon to find a mirror for our bedroom. We started at Ashley, but that was a bust. We happened upon a Kirkland’s and found exactly what we were looking for and for an absolute steal. Btw, that place looked like Christmas had thrown up in it, which was actually awesome. D told me I have to control myself until Thanksgiving, but that I can go apeshit after. *squee*
  • We made what ended up being one of three Target trips. I can’t even remember why we went to Target this first time, but I know I ended up leaving with a new Swiffer Sweeper and I was quite pleased. (This is who I’ve become…sigh).
  • Went home to hang the mirror and saw a dude pull up in a Charter Cable van and I totally flipped out. I ran out there to chat him up and he told me he was installing services for the neighbor and I was like OMFG WTF I can has internet now?!! So I immediately call Charter and the rep who answered was like, “Yeah no we don’t offer service in your area.” I ran outside with my phone and was like, “Um…I’m standing next to the tech who is installing services at the house that is literally next door so that is unacceptable.” After much bitching I got it resolved and…WE WILL HAVE INTERNET ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON OMFG YES YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSS.
  • Okay I think I have that out of my system for now.
  • D was like, “If Trump hadn’t won, we wouldn’t have stayed home today, and we still wouldn’t know that we could have internet.” But to be honest, if Hills had won I may very well have stayed home because I would have gotten drunk as a motherfucker celebrating last night.
  • Anyway…so then D hung the mirror which looks amaze and then he’s like what if we go shopping for more shit and I was like yes please and so we did. We ended up at another Kirkland’s (in Chesterfield) and bought sconces that look so good. Pics later. I’m so pleased with how our bedroom is coming together. It’s one of my fave rooms  in the house. Next weekend we are getting new bedding!!!!
  • We picked up the kids and came home. What I expected to be a really shitty day was actually a fantastic one and I’m so very grateful.
  • Now? Hang with the kiddos until their bedtime. Then Breaking Bad & reading.

A day in the life

Day 10 of the blog challenge.

  • The day started out in the best way possible: with much sexing.
  • Finally got out of bed around ten. I settled in on the couch and started a new book.
  • D made breakfast.

  • It was yummy. We watched HGTV while we ate. That’s sort of our morning routine nowadays.
  • After breakfast: more reading.
  • 2.6 mile run/walk around the neighboring subdivisions. 
  • Shower. Primping. 
  • More reading.
  • Get ready to go to the art fair.

  • Went to the Saint Louis art fair. We wanted to find something for the house. We failed, but it was still fun. 

  • Head further into the city to meet friends at a favorite bar.

  • We spent a long time there. Then headed back to the house. Our friends wanted to see it. 
  • Continued drinking. Got really drunk.
  • Passed out on the kitchen island.

The end. 

Blog challenge Day 14: Timeline of my day

6:30 am – wake up to bf groping me. This, obviously, leads to sex. Also, I have an epic headache, so I take my migraine drugs. The cat demands cuddles.

7 am – back to sleep

10:20 am – wake up again. More sex. Internetting in bed.

11:30 am – ready for brunch!

That was after ten minutes of singing and dancing for D. He thinks I’m crazy, but luckily he likes crazy.

12:30 pm – Brunch at Wildflower

Followed by a trip to Walgreens for cat food, Sudafed, and leggings. Weird assortment, I know.

1:30 pm – Pop a Sudafed and settle in on the couch with a new novel: A Small Indiscretion by Jan Ellison.

3:30 pm – spent some quality time with my treadmill.

4:00 pm – shower, hair & make-up. wearing an Eiffel tower tee that says “bon voyage,” D’s hoodie, and leggings, b/c it’s just that sort of day. fashion be damned.

4:40 pm – impromptu sex in the kitchen (he’s so sexy. Mmm)

5:15 pm – Take more headache meds, and then journaling and reading on the couch while D plays Civ.

7:19 pm – took a break from reading (over halfway done with the book already) to do the dreaded 90 second plank. I feel everything. Planks are evil. Back to reading.

8:00 pm – walked over to our favorite neighborhood bar for dinner, drinks, and foosball. D won all five rounds, but I like to think I gave him a run for his money. We’ve decided we need a foosball table for our basement. It was super fun, and would be good for parties. We already have a dart board.

10:00 pm – back at home, on the couch, watching It’s Always Sunny and partaking of herbal refreshment.

And basically I’ll be doing this until I pass out so…night, night. xoxo

Today –

  • slept in
  • pajamas all day
  • finished Why Not Me?
  • coloring
  • journaling
  • watched YouTube videos on knitting. 
  • laundry
  • two hour nap
  • more reading
  • 30 Day Shred
  • 1 mile run
  • bubble bath

I’m not sure what I’m going to do next. Maybe read. Maybe watch some Fuller House. Drink wine? Smoke weed? All I know for sure is: I LOVE SATURDAYS!

I can’t wait to be doing this stuff in the new house. 

wrapping up

my “day in the life” postings –

  1. Current status: in bed, a little fucked up from Xanax, listening to Hole.
  2. I walked several miles on the treadmill while watching Labyrinth.
  3. David Bowie was so sexy in Labyrinth (and in general). That scene where he’s dancing with Jennifer Connelly at the ball while he sings As The World Falls Down…all the heart eyes.
  4. Currently alternating between reading The Long Winter and Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself. Yay for revisiting childhood favorites. 
  5. It took all my willpower not to go to Petsmart and adopt a cat today. I knew my bf would be crazy pissed. That’s the only reason I didn’t do it.
  6. My favorite song from Rocky Horror Picture Show is I’m Going Home. I always cry.