The charity event was canceled. The roads were just too dangerous and most people were bailing.  So those of us who showed up went ahead and had dinner & drinks before heading home. Ann is going to reschedule it for sometime in the spring. 

I didn’t get a good full body pic of my entire outfit. Damn it. I had fish nets under thigh high socks with combat boots. I also had a super cute faux leather motorcycle jacket. Lawrence said I looked like I could have starred in The Craft. Yes!!!

I’m home now. Getting here was scary. So much snow. The roads are fucked. 

snow be damned

My bestie organized a charity event that benefits a local homeless shelter, which is happening tonight.  It’s a nineties themed event and so my boyfriend’s band is providing the entertainment.  People are encouraged to dress in their favorite 90s style, and so I’m planning to rock a Kinderwhore look that I’m quite excited about. I’m bummed that this stupid snow storm is keeping some people away, but we will have fun regardless. 

If you’re local and aren’t scared of snow, then come out to Blueberry Hill @ 8 pm. The Elvis Room. I’ll buy you a drink. 

This is a very big deal to two of my favorite people and so I’m going no matter what.