Blog Challenge, Day 25: My top five favorite blogs

I read a lot of personal Tumblr blogs written by friends, but this list will concentrate on blogs written by people I don’t know in real life.

  1. Story by Modcloth
  2. A Little Earthquake – cancer blog/personal. Hasn’t been updated in a few months. I hope that changes.
  3. The Bloggess – I’ve always been bad about staying up to date on this one, but now it’s in my WordPress feed so yay!
  4. STL Hops – because beer.
  5. The Dressed Aesthetic – fashion blog. My favorite.

Truth #1

If we say hi, we’re rubbing it in your face. If we don’t, we are inconsiderate assholes. 

We can’t win. Unless we can build a time machine, go back to 2012, and have a do over. And even then, only you win. We lose. 

from the waiting room

This is my current view.

I had to bring my associate to the hospital to have emergency oral surgery. He doesn’t have any local family, so it’s up to me and Scott to take care of him. Alex is only 27 years old, so we kind of think of him as our kid. 

So I’m reading, eating candy, and browsing the Internet while I wait on him to be finished.

I’m looking forward to going out with D tonight. It’s only Tuesday and it has already been quite the fucking week. Beer me, please. Wine works, too. 

I was pissed for a while this evening

and I even drafted some ranty blog posts, but I deleted them when I remembered something:

I’ve already won. Like…I have everything I have always wanted.

So why do I even care?

So…fuck it.

I think the lawyer inside me just finds it extremely difficult to let shit go, like I could argue for-fucking-ever, especially when the other side isn’t presenting accurate information. I have all these facts to back up my position, and I want to share them with the world. This is what I do.

But…meh. It’s just not worth it, because you can’t fix stupid or crazy or people who just want to stay stuck in their ways. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Also, for the one who claims to not be reading this blog (lol), I love your daughter so much that I won’t disparage you on the internet despite the fact that you do it to me. Don’t you think it’s time to put away the victim card though? Just a thought.