mental health monday musings

I’m off today just because. I figured I should take my mental health Mondays while I still can. Soon my business partner will be out for an entire month (June), and eventually the plan is that he will be permanently out. I will be left holding the reigns alone. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that. Mostly, however, I think it’s the right move for everyone involved.

I’ve noticed recently that I am much more confident and outgoing than I used to be. I’m trying to figure out why. Was it leaving behind my old relationship? Was it living through cancer? Is it simply getting older and just finally feeling comfortable in my own skin? Simply having learned from experience that nothing is going to be the end of the world? I suppose it’s a combination of all those things. Anyway…I like it.

I suppose I should just accept that I will always have chronic fatigue and just move on with life? No matter how much sleep I get, I’m still tired exhausted.

This is Jackson’s last week of school. It feels like everything is moving too fast.  He’s going to have a week off before camp starts. I should plan something fun for us to do. I wish there was time for a trip.

Last night’s GoT was so full of girl power and I loved it. Sansa is finally being the bad ass I always knew she could be, and Daenerys is just…wow. Anyway, I loved last night’s episode. This season is off to an amazing start.

My latest Modcloth delivery is waiting for me at the office, which you would think would motivate me to go in (since the office is just a couple miles away), but meh. It’ll wait. Something to look forward to tomorrow, right? Here’s what is waiting for me!


D is going to hate that cat sweatshirt. hahahaha


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