weigh in wednesday

I weighed in at 138.3 this morning and I was delighted with being back in the 130s. So imagine my dismay when I got to the office this morning and saw these:


I totally ate the one in the center. I can’t resist donuts. Ever. It’s Laura’s birthday and also Admin Professionals Day, so it was for a good cause. Haha.

We also have a lunch meeting with our CPA today so that will mean even more calories. Ohs to the well. Tomorrow is another day, right?  The good news is that D and I are starting personal training in May.

And the outfit of the day:


I bought this dress/tunic a year or two ago from a local fashion truck: Rack + Clutch.

Oh and this is sort of random, but on the way to work today I was listening to this song and it occurred to me that the lyrics remind me of going out with D. We tend to go pretty hard when we go out.


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