oh so quiet

Even after four years, Dave still gets a bit freaked out when I get quiet. It may be difficult to tell from all the rambling I do on this blog, but I am actually a very quiet person. I only speak when I actually have something to say. I don’t have what I typically refer to as “diarrhea of the mouth” the way my ex does, for example. I could say part of the issue is that, in my previous relationship, I never got to talk much. My ex did most of the talking, and, in fact, rarely shut up. But that’s not even it. I just enjoy being quiet. I enjoy listening. 

When I’m quiet, he worries I’m mad at him or upset about something. His ex-wife is quite the chatty cathy, so I think he’s still not quite used to someone who isn’t constantly going on about something. My silence doesn’t mean I’m mad or upset. It just means I’m enjoying being there…in the moment.

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