gonna start a revolution from my bed

Today was a really good day.

I didn’t work today, because it’s Monday. I was skeptical in the beginning about taking Mondays off, because I’m a control freak, but having a long weekend every weekend is fucking awesome. It has completely eliminated my beginning of the week anxiety, which used to be a real problem.

I woke up at the bf’s house this morning, and after he left for work, I lounged around for hours. I alternated between reading and watching Gilmore Girls. I started it today, and I am hooked.

Then I did some much needed shopping at Target, where I also picked up another (super fancy pants) adult coloring book and some new colored pencils. It’s gorgeous. Coloring is akin to meditation for me. I just zone out and forget about everything but staying in the lines. I love it. 

I have my kiddo back at home after a long weekend without him. Yay! It’s No Screen Week at his school, and so we spent the evening together without the distraction of televisions and iPads. It was lovely. We colored, built puzzles, baked brownies, played Uno, and read. 

Freya messaged me throughout the night and we talked about stuff, like our now mutual love of Gilmore Girls. She said she will watch it with me when we move into the new house.  I can tell that our relationship is getting stronger and that makes me so very happy.  I’m excited to be a strong, positive female role model in her life. (For the record, her mom is one as well. I’m not trying to hate or anything. I’m just saying that I recognize I will never be her mother, but I am nonetheless excited to be an important figure in her life.)

Life is good. 

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