• This morning I went downstairs to make waffles for me and the boy, and I said, “Whoa it’s super cold in here!” To which he responded, “I know, right?” It made me giggle.
  • The RSVPs keep rolling in. I think I’m going to have up to forty people at the party Saturday night. Fuck. I have soooo much to do. 
  • Halloween, man. It’s my favorite. 
  • There’s a marathon route through my neighborhood this morning. I need to use this as inspiration to get on the treadmill. If these people can go 26 miles, I can go 4. Stop being a lazy piece of shit, Jenn.
  • The problems are as follows: (1) I am a lazy piece of shit, (2) it’s cold in here, like 64, and I refuse to turn on the heat, and (3) my friends and bf keep commenting on how great I look, which results in apathy. I look good, so why bother?
  • I know I need to do it in order to maintain. And I will. I always feel better after anyway. 
  • I have a draft post of unsent letters to various people. I may be posting it soon.
  • I keep walking around the house with my fluffy white bathrobe on and yesterday my kid was like, “Mom, why do you keep wearing that thing?” and then I felt like Tony Soprano. I had to laugh.
  • But I’m still wearing it. I will not be robe shamed. 
  • I went to Target yesterday to buy fall/winter clothes for my kid (he shops in the big boy section now, wtf?) and ended up leaving with a bunch of cute stuff for me too: a hat, leggings, polka dot sweater tights, a cute blue dress. I love Target.
  • Today is relaxation day. 

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