are we there yet?

  • I spent the day running around Saint Louis, visiting various courts, and now I’m fried. Busy day was busy.
  • Lunch today consisted of me shoving a taco into my face with one hand, while I used the other to steer the car. Somehow I didn’t make a huge mess. Go me.
  • I cannot wait to take this bra off. OMFG it’s killing me.
  • Tonight the bf and I are having burritos for dinner.  It’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about all day.
  • Then he’s putting together my treadmill while I go have drinks with a girlfriend. How awesome is that? He’s a keeper for sure.
  • I’m grateful that chocolate banana ice cream martinis exist, and even more grateful that I’ll be having one later.
  • I took a power nap on my office couch, but it didn’t help much.
  • I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday I could cry.

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