Weekend stuff

*I kicked ass at the ethics panel.
*drove out to the boyfriend’s house for the weekend.
*we had drinks out on his back porch.
*walked to Crazy Sushi for a yummy dinner.
*picked up some dessert on the way back.
*watched The Chef and really enjoyed it.

*the bf made us breakfast.
*watched some Star Trek.
*watched some SATC.
*our friends picked us up around one to go to Mount Pleasant winery.
*the four of us consumed six bottles of wine. Much fun was had.
*dinner. Mmm ribeye.
*more dessert.
*watched Swingers.

*I’m currently still in bed, but the plan is:
*lunch at BWW.
*shop till we drop. My list: Fitbit, converse, dresses.
*Game of Thrones
*Silicon Valley.

This has been an amazing weekend and I don’t want it to end.

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