all the feels

  1. My good friend was officially divorced yesterday, and even though it was her decision, she is feeling really down about it. I can completely relate to how she’s feeling, and so we talked it out this morning and had a good cry/hug fest. I love her. I hope she can find peace with her decision and move on to have the happy life she deserves. Her ex is also my friend, and I hope the same for him.
  2. BB King. *sad face*
  3. BFF birthday fun fest tonight. We are starting with pedicures. Then dinner. Not sure what’s on the agenda after that.
  4. I miss my kid. *sigh* #divorceproblems
  5. My weekend starts in 4 ½ hours, and, thanks to the bf, I have Bell’s Two Hearted Ale waiting for me at home. Have I mentioned lately how much I love him?

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