oh, what it takes out of me to lay by your side

  • I can’t get Monster by Meg Myers out of my head. I’m totally obsessed with her right now. She’s fabulous.
  • Sparkling Pinot Grigio is my new favorite thing of the moment. Danielle and I drank an entire bottle last night. Well I drank like ¾ of it. No regrets. 
  • Easter candy is evil.
  • Gucci Guilty smells incredible. I can’t stop sniffing myself.
  • Started a new novel yesterday. Wreckage by Emily Bleeker. I’m four chapters in and totally hooked. The best part: it was free as part of Kindle Unlimited. I love Amazon. 
  • I desperately need/want a mani-pedi. I should make time for that this weekend.
  • Speaking of this weekend, it’s a big one: 3 year anniversary with the bf, 2 year end of chemo anniversary, and Game of Thrones season 5 premiere. **SQUEE**
  • I tried on my sexy black anniversary dress this morning and it looks really good. I’m so excited to wear it out.
  • It’s pretty much my weekend starting tonight, and I’m super excited, but I’m going to miss this cute little guy:
  • Last night I checked on him before I went to bed, and he was sleeping with his head and chest on the bed and his feet on the floor. What a little weirdo.<3  I sent a pic to his dad and we had a good laugh about it.
  • Happy almost Friday!

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