hey mom…

So we are moving in like ten days, and I finally started packing tonight. My kid is here and he is questioning everything I do. 

Mom, why are you taking the clock off the wall? How are we going to know what time it is? (He doesn’t even know how to tell time.)

Mom, are we taking my Transformers backpack to the new place? What about my Lightning McQueen book bag?

Hey Mom, are we taking the tv with us?

Mom, are we taking the iPad? Will Netflix work at the new house?

Hey Mom…

He just keeps going and going. Every time I tell him the same thing: we are taking EVERYTHING. I think he’s getting really excited though. I am too actually, but I’m also slightly sad, which seems dumb since we are only moving one block away. It’s easy to get sentimental though. I’ve made some amazing memories in this place. 

But…TWO CAR GARAGE. Yes, please. 

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